Ongoing Weekly Book Giveaway

Posted on: June 2, 2014

My friends over at Your Preparation Station and Prepare Magazine are doing a weekly book giveaway. I’ve seen the master list of all the goodies and I’ll tell ya, they’ve lined up some truly great prizes!

Each week, there will be a new book to win so keep checking back and make with the clicks to enter! You’ll see all the different ways you can enter the contest listed below. Click here to see a short review of this week’s prize, It’s a Disaster…and what are YOU gonna do about it?

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3 thoughts on “Ongoing Weekly Book Giveaway

  1. I found this giveaway after finding this site on top 50 preppers web site. How have I missed this page. So much good information. Also tried to join Fb group. This book looks like a good tool for the toolbox.

  2. I think the more information that people have regarding prepping and its various off-shoots, will only help them survive longer. To think you don’t need to read or learn will surely put you six feet under.

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