American Survival Guide (July 2014)

Posted on: June 9, 2014

Regular readers here know by now that I’ve been continually impressed with American Survival Guide. It has rapidly become one of my favorite publications and I look forward to each new issue. My subscription won’t begin until the September issue so I snapped this one up when I saw it at the grocery store a few days ago. This is the July issue and should be available pretty much everywhere by now.

For the last several issues, including this one, they’ve been running a consistent 130 pages. They’ve upped the number of articles in the July issue, with 18 full length articles, compared to 14 or so in previous issues. On top of that, this month we have five Buyer’s Guides — Bags, Knives, Flashlights, Food & Water, and Guns. All told, there is quite a bit of great information packed into this issue of American Survival Guide.

As with previous issues, the articles are divided into sections. This month, the sections include General Preparedness, Homesteading, Heat & Power, Shelter, and Protection. Here are a few of the standout articles, in my opinion.

Spiritual Survival — Something that is often overlooked in prepping is the need for emotional or psychological components of survival. We talk and talk about the importance of food and water but rarely do we discuss ways to deal with the emotional trauma that is going to be far too common. Here, we are given six different ways to handle the stress and pressure that comes with a survival situation.

Off-Grid Off-Roader — While a UNICAT isn’t practical for most of us, I do enjoy reading about these sorts of projects and vehicles. If nothing else, they can sometimes inspire a DIY project or two.

New Beginnings — Something that can often by very helpful to folks new to homesteading is to read first hand accounts by those who have been there and done that.

The Heat Is On — Sure, we all know the value of having a wood stove but there are other options as well for offgrid heating.

Cabin Fever — This is an excellent little primer on building your own cabin from the ground up.

Simple Safekeeping — This article describes the five weapons every prepper and homesteader should consider having on hand. While I may not agree 100% with their choices, the information provided is excellent.

While I have the same beef with ASG as I do with most magazines in this niche in that the cover price ($8.99) is pretty steep, a subscription brings the investment down considerably.

Overall, I think ASG is certainly living up to its name.

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