3 Common Misconceptions about Bugging Out

Posted on: June 9, 2014

Bugging out has long been a staple of survival planning. However, as with many other areas of prepping, there is a whole ton of bad information out there. Here are just a few of the most glaring misconceptions when it comes to planning to bug out.

Misconception: Bugging out should be my primary plan.
Reality check: Most preppers have stockpiled at least some amount of food, water, and other supplies. Why, then, should the primary plan be to leave all or most of it behind? There are some scenarios where bugging out makes perfect sense but in most cases, sheltering in place should be the primary plan, with bugging out being the backup option.

Remember, once you leave your home with your bug out bag, you are nothing more than a refugee.

Misconception: Heading off to the wilderness to live off the land is the best bug out plan.
Reality check: First, few people are truly skilled and experienced enough to live off the land for extended periods of time. Further, most of them who are will be the first to tell you it isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

Second, once you’ve made it to the Great White North or wherever it is you plan to hole up, then what? I’ve found very few people who are planning on doing so have actually thought beyond that point. There you are, safely ensconced in your debris hut or lean to. Now what? For how long do you plan to hide in the woods?

Third, I’ve found a lot of people who are relying on this sort of plan are figuring the big bugaboo will be martial law, economic collapse, or perhaps a combination of those two scenarios. That’s all well and good but what’s the plan for the FAR MORE LIKELY natural disasters and such? I mean, let’s say it is something like Hurricane Katrina. Would it have made much sense to head off into the bush then?

Misconception: I need a cache of gold or silver because money will be worthless.
Reality check: While having a stash of precious metals isn’t the worst idea in the world, don’t overlook just plain old cash. Again, playing the odds, it is far more likely you’ll be able to use dollars than need to rely upon gold or silver. For example, if you’re heading out of town because massive civil unrest seems to be overtaking the city, you’ll probably still be able to fork over a couple of twenties for some gas and bottled water at a convenience store. Show up with a few gold coins instead and you might walk away empty handed.

The best approach here would be to hedge your bets and have both gold/silver coins as well as normal currency in your pack.

None of this is to mean you shouldn’t have a plan for bugging out. Indeed, it is a vital component of your overall survival plans. But, it is something that requires a lot of practical thought as well as common sense.

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