Survivor’s Edge #1 (Fall 2014)

Posted on: July 29, 2014

A new addition to the prepper/survival magazine niche has just dropped. Survivor’s Edge is published by Harris Publications, the same people who bring us New Pioneer and American Frontiersman. Both of those are favorites of mine so when I heard about Survivor’s Edge, I had very high hopes.

I was not disappointed!

The premier issue of Survivor’s Edge contains no less than 37 articles, spanning 130 pages. The articles are divided into three sections: Natural Disasters, Home + Self Defense, and Backwoods. The article topics really run the survival gamut with discussion on everything from multi-tools to vehicle preparedness, bear attacks to pocket pistols.

Here are a few of the articles that stood out to me.

Surviving Domestic Violence by Richard L. Johnson
This is an area that is little discussed in survival literature but is something that can truly be a survival situation to many people. Here, Johnson gives us ten things an abuse victim should do, such as seek help, develop an escape plan, open a bank account, and prepare an escape bag. He also tells us ten things a victim should not do, such as thinking they are alone, ignoring intuition, and declining medical assistance. Johnson also gives information on several outside resources that are available to abuse victims.

Escaping Extreme Heat by Fred Mastison
While so far this year heat hasn’t been a big issue, at least not where I live, extreme heat is something that strikes many parts of the country during the summer. In this article, Mastison gives us several hints and tips on how to beat the heat, including eating light and being aware of how much time we’re spending outdoors.

Survival Steel by Phil Elmore
This article is a review of the JTR Fighting Bowie. This knife, produced by Martin Knives, was designed by Bob Anderson, co-author of the latest installments of The Survivalist, a series created by Jerry and Sharon Ahern (Sharon is working with Anderson on the new books). The design of the JTR Fighting Bowie is based upon the new stories, with input from Sharon as well as notes Jerry made before he passed. I have to tell you, this is a BEAUTIFUL knife! As a lifelong fan of the various books and series Jerry and Sharon have written, particularly the adventures of John Thomas Rourke, I very much want to acquire this new piece of history. The review is very detailed, leaving little to the imagination.

A Woman Survivalist in a Man’s World by Kellie Nightlinger
Many of you are likely familiar with Kellie Nightlinger, either through her appearance on Naked & Afraid or her other endeavors. Kellie has truly “been there, done that” when it comes to survival, including weeks spent in the Serengeti. This article talks about some of the specific challenges, as well as advantages, women have in survival situations.

Perimeter Protection by Kevin Estela
This article is a good overview of a few different homemade alarms you can build for use now or after a disaster. Estela also touches on using natural barriers for defense. While the article only runs a couple of pages, there’s a ton of information crammed into it.

I Survived: 7 Real-Life Tales by Ashley Bristow and Adelaide Farah
From falling into an ice hole in the Himalayas to a bear mauling, here are several short stories about people who survived disasters. Great stuff, here.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the premier issue of Survivor’s Edge. You can find them online at Very well done, folks. Keep up the good work!

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  1. I just picked this up at the store and could not put it down. Excellent information as well as format and presentation!

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