Aqua Pouch Plus Water Purification Kit by Survival Resources

Posted on: July 31, 2014
Aqua Pouch Plus Water Purification Kit by Survival Resources

What if I told you there was a kit out there that would allow you to filter and purify 10 or more liters of water (1 liter at a time) and was small enough and flat enough (including the water container itself) to fit the entire kit-n-kaboodle in the back pocket of your jeans?

That’s exactly what you get with the Aqua Pouch Plus Water Purification Kit designed, produced, and sold by Survival Resources.

When it arrives, you’ll be shocked at how small the package is. Seriously, you could easily carry this in a pants pocket or find a spot for it in your pack.

Here is everything you receive in the kit.

From left to right: Kit instructions, Aqua Pouch, chlorine dioxide tablets, instructions for the support sheath, coffee filters, and the support sheath.

The two main components of this kit, the items that are unique amongst other water purification kits on the market, are the Aqua Pouch and the filter support sheath.

The Aqua Pouch was designed by the owner of Survival Resources, John McCann. This is a very robust 1 liter container made of food grade plastic.

At the top are two reinforced grommets, allowing you to thread paracord or other cordage through for carrying or suspending from a tree branch. You can also see the ziplock closure just under them.

The bottom of the Aqua Pouch is gusseted, which means that when you fill the pouch, it will stand upright on its own. This is a very nice feature.

The 5.2 mil plastic will easily handle boiling hot water as well as withstand going from frozen to thawed.

The pouch is marked at 1 liter, so you’ll always know just how much water to put in when using purification tablets, such as the included chlorine dioxide ones.

When empty, the Aqua Pouch folds very flat and could even be rolled into a smaller carrying size if needed.

Now, many preppers, myself included, suggest carrying some coffee filters in your kit. These work well at filtering out dead bugs, dirt, and other detritus. The problem is, well, these filters are just paper and once you pour water into them, it can be nigh impossible to hold them without water spilling everywhere. That’s where the support sheath comes in. This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!” items.

You slip the coffee filter into this semi-rigid plastic sheath like so.

Hold the filter and sheath above your water bottle or Aqua Pouch and pour the water in. There are small holes at the bottom of the sheath, allowing the water to go through the filter and down into your container.

Once you’ve filtered the water, you need to purify it. The kit comes with 10 chlorine dioxide tablets, enough to purify 10 liters of water. Chlorine dioxide tablets are effective against viruses and bacteria as well as cysts, something few other water purification tablets can say. Plus, no nasty taste!

You can buy just the Aqua Pouch for about seven dollars at Survival Resources. However, I recommend you spend a few bucks more and get the whole kit, as shown here. While you’re there, do yourself a favor and surf around to the other great products John and his team offer.

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