GNS Knife by LT Wright

Posted on: August 4, 2014
GNS Knife by LT Wright

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Readers here know of my great affection for Self Reliance Illustrated magazine. It is one of my absolute favorite publications and I never miss an issue. What some of you may not know is they also sell a small selection of gear. As would be expected, they do not deal in cheaply made equipment that is more likely than not to fail when put to the test. Case in point, the GNS Knife.

GNS stands for “Go No Show,” meaning this is a knife made for hard use, not just sitting in a case and looking pretty. Make no mistake, this is a beautiful knife. That said, the moment you pick it up, you want to put it to use.

The knife is 9.5″ long overall, with an 01 tool steel blade of 4.5″ and 1/8″ thick. The Scandi edge makes for a very sharp and efficient cutting tool.

The greenish scales have just enough texture to provide a solid grip in a variety of conditions.

The scales are both mechanically and chemically attached to the full tang, leaving no doubt this is a tool made to last.

Should you wish to attached a paracord lanyard to the handle, that’s easily done via the attachment point they’ve incorporated.

The handle is thick and robust. It really fits my hand nicely and is an absolute joy to hold in any position.

All too often, a nice knife is hampered by a less than ideal sheath. For you leather workers, that might not be a big deal but if I’m dropping serious money on a blade, I expect a high quality sheath. Thankfully, just as much thought went into the GNS sheath design as with the knife itself.

The open top sheath is well constructed of thick leather, with double stitching and a built in fire steel loop. There are several carrying options, given that the sheath has a belt loop, dangler, and a few additional attachment points.

The GNS has become my primary blade for all manner of bushcraft and camp tasks, as well as just around the house. I’ve carved with it, batoned with it, and cut tons of cordage, all without any trouble. After all of that, the blade needed just the most minor of touching up to bring it back to razor sharp.

The GNS is available direct from LT Wright Knives here. Yes, $155 is a little pricey but this knife is made to last. It just may be the last knife you need to buy.

Still not sure if the GNS is right for you? Here’s our video review:

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