Coming Soon: Make Ready to Survive DVD Series

Posted on: August 19, 2014

As I mentioned on Facebook not too long ago, I’m working with Panteao Productions as an instructor for an upcoming series of DVDs called Make Ready to Survive. This series is, quite honestly, the most ambitious project I’ve been involved with to date.

Panteao Productions has made a big name for themselves in the area of tactical and firearm video production. Some of the most skilled, talented, and experienced military and law enforcement folks in the country are listed among their instructors, including Massad Ayoob, Michael Bane, Bill Rogers, and Freddie Blish.

With Make Ready to Survive, Panteao is taking all of their expertise with filming instructional videos and focusing their lenses on prepping and disaster planning. They have gathered together instructors from a wide range of expertise and are distilling all of their knowledge into a series of DVDs that are designed to appeal to both the very new prepper as well as the very experienced survivalist.

Here’s just a short list of the topics covered in this series:

–Bug out bags
–Offgrid food preparation
–Bushcraft and wilderness survival
–Home security, now and after a disaster
–Short and long-term food storage
–Water storage and filtration
–Sheltering in place versus evacuation
–First aid
–Firearms for survival
–Civil unrest
–Temporary shelters
–The list goes on and on….

This series is not all about surviving doomsday nor is it full of nonsense that won’t work in the real world. Instead, Make Ready to Survive takes a common sense and logical approach to disaster planning.

Look for the first installments to hit Amazon and elsewhere in November or December. Panteao also offers subscriptions for their streaming content, which might be of interest to some of you.

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