Minute Men Gun Rack
Posted on: September 5, 2014
MinuteMen Gun Rack

Reviewed by Sean Neeld

I’m a little tired. I’ve been looking at a billion different styles of gun racks, from the novelty to the fancy. I ruled out the fancy ones because that’s just not me. The novelty selections were pretty cool, but I ruled them out because I know it would look too damn silly to mount an AR15 on something cartoonish or cheap looking.

Then I happened upon an ideal gun rack from Minute Men Gun Racks. It is a simplistic and minimalistic design that makes you slap your head and think Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?! Finding that the products are built in the USA made it an even better decision to buy one.

The design incorporates hardened steel that is bent into shape that will fit damn near any rifle or even a pistol. The steel is lined with felt so it won’t mar the delicate finish of whatever you wish to mount. It was also much heavier than anticipated.

You basically have four different options when checking out their selections. You have a pistol or rifle/shotgun rack that comes with a keyed padlock. You can also choose the pistol or rifle/shotgun rack that comes with a movement-only padlock. Both locks are from Master Lock. I like the movement-only Master Lock, but I think I may forget the “combination” in a stress situation. I decided to get the rifle/shotgun rack with the keyed padlock. I bet some of you are thinking Hey, Sean, what if you can’t find your key when you need to unlock your rifle in a heartbeat? There is a simple explanation. I would only have it locked when I left the house. No need to keep it locked while I’m home, right?

The package contains the front and rear mounts (or top & bottom, depending how you mount them), the lock of your choice, and the solid mounting hardware. As a bonus, you get a nice “Defend the 2nd” white vinyl sticker.

You need to, at a minimum, mount this rack on a surface that has a solid back stop. Meaning, if you attach it to a wall, find the stud(s) (No, not me, but thanks for asking) so you don’t have your weapon hanging on a thin piece of plywood or sheet rock. If you only have one stud lined up, attach the larger portion of the rack at that point.

Check out their website to see what they offer and watch the video that shows how you can attach it to the surface you want.

These pics from their website help illustrate how the Minute Men Gun Rack works.

Recommended? For an inexpensive $36, you should absolutely buy at least one if you want simple and minimal.

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