Fenix E25 Flashlight

Posted on: September 11, 2014
Fenix E25

This is the second Fenix flashlight (or torch, for my friends across the pond) I’ve owned and it has cemented my fondness for the brand. High quality and durable construction appear to be just a matter of course for Fenix.

The Fenix E25 is an excellent option for those looking for a reasonably priced yet still powerful flashlight to use around the house or toss into a bug out bag. At just under six inches long and about an inch across at the widest point, I wouldn’t consider it really a pocket flashlight but it isn’t so big so as to be cumbersome to carry or use.

There are a total of four illumination settings.

High – 130 lumens
Mid – 55 lumens
Low – 8 lumens
Burst – 260 lumens

All of the settings are accessed by the on/off switch located near the head of the flashlight. The rubber covered button toggles you through the settings with each click.

The switch does need to be held down for about a half second to turn the light on, which is something that stumped me a bit until I actually read the manual. Holding the button down for a half second turns it on, then simple clicks move you through the settings. To activate the burst mode, though, you turn the light on and continue to hold the button down. The light enters burst mode and stays there until you let go of the button.

The E25 also utilizes intelligent circuitry which remembers the last setting you used. If it is in mid mode when you turn it off, it will be in mid mode when you turn it on again.

It does take a little getting used to but it isn’t too difficult to learn.

One nice feature of the Fenix E25 is it has a flat butt end, allowing you to stand it up on the tail to illuminate a room. Even at the low setting, there is enough light to see what you’re doing without too much trouble, especially if you have a white ceiling that will reflect the light well.

The E25 takes two AA batteries, easily found anywhere. However, as with most “tactical” flashlights, rechargeable or lithium batteries are highly recommended. Regular old alkaline batteries don’t seem to last as long and there have been a few reports of those batteries swelling a bit and becoming difficult to remove from the light.

The light is constructed of aircraft aluminum and is waterproof, owing to the O rings that seal the body. The grip is knurled, providing excellent traction in your hand.

The Fenix E25 is available here on Amazon for under 40 bucks. Not a bad deal, overall.

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