Red Rock Outdoor Gear Operations Duffle Bag
Posted on: September 15, 2014
Red Rock - Front view

Reviewed by Sean Neeld

Since I recently purchased an AR15 style rifle, I realized that I needed a range bag. It had to carry different cleaning materials, some specific AR15 tools (D-ring assist, giant armorer’s tool, etc.), ammo, trauma kit, extra bits and assorted pieces.

I had looked at this bag at a local Army-Navy surplus store and really wanted to buy it right then and there, but I figured I needed to check out some reviews before I gave up $40. The reviews were OK, so I went ahead and added this bag to my rifle kits. It was a good decision.

The first thing I noticed was the stiff bottom of the bag. It also has little, hard rubber “feet” so it doesn’t sit directly in the dirt. If you happen to spill your Starbucks coffee next to the bag, it will be nice and dry (your cup and the bag!). I don’t use the included dividers, since I have gear that takes up space, from side to side, so I have them at the bottom of the bag adding more cushion.

The two carry options, handles and shoulder straps, appeared pretty standard to bags of this type. The padding on the shoulder strap is a bit thin and since the bag is heavy with all that I put in there, it makes for an uncomfortable option. I only use the regular handles.

The next part I took note of were the attached pouches. There are ten pouches total, but their website says there are seven (?). Two are uniquely shaped for magazines. You also have the expandable water bottle holder and a wee thin pouch that you could use to hold a small flashlight or pen. All of them have a good amount of strong Velcro so you can close them up easily. The other pouches are for whatever you need that doesn’t fit well in the bag or if you need quick access for a particular item.

All of this gear fits easily into the bag:

All things considered, this is a very nice bag for the price and my usage requirements. Other bags in this style can run into the hundreds of dollars, so this is a great bargain!

The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Operations Duffle Bag retails for just under fifty bucks here on Amazon. It is available in black, tan, or olive drab.

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