SOL Pocket Survival Pak Plus

Posted on: September 18, 2014
SOL Pocket Pak Plus 1

The SOL Pocket Survival Pak Plus is what we call a mini survival kit. It is a great option for those looking for a simple, yet fully loaded, survival kit suitable for tossing into a vehicle glove box or even in a cargo pocket of your pants or shorts when you’re out hiking.

The SOL Pocket Survival Pak Plus comes in a heavy plastic pouch, roughly 5.25″ x 4.5″ and maybe 1.5″ or so thick. The pouch is absolutely crammed full of survival gear.

For water purification and transport, we have a sterile 1L plastic water pouch and 6 Micropur MP1 water purification tablets. Each of these tablets will purify one liter of water.

Fire lighting is another important component of any survival kit. In the Pocket Survival Pak Plus, we have a Spark-Lite fire starter and 4 Tinder-Quik tabs. We also have a fresnel lens to use when the sun is shining.

Being able to signal for help may end up being the most important part of your kit. To that end, we have several tools here, including a Fox 40 Rescue Howler Rescue Whistle and a Rescue Flash signal mirror. We also have a small pencil and (not shown) a couple of pieces of waterproof paper. The included button compass will help you find your way back home.

There are a ton of odds and ends as well. These include a very nice Doug Ritter RSK Mk5 Survival Knife, which would be excellent to have should you become separated from your primary blade. A small roll of duct tape and 10′ of braided nylon cord have a ton of uses.

The SOL Mini-LED light is rather bright for its size. Three square feet of heavy duty aluminum foil could be used for cooking or boiling water. The small vial here contains 4 safety pins, a heavy duty sewing needle, and some fishing gear. The spool has 50′ of black nylon thread, suitable for clothing repairs or as fishing line. There is also 6′ of stainless steel wire, which would work for snares. The 28″ ball chain is there so you can wear the Pocket Survival Pak Plus around your neck, thus reducing the possibility you’ll lose it.

There are also several sets of instructions and survival tips included with the kit. Each of them could also serve as tinder in a true emergency.

The SOL Pocket Survival Pak Plus retails for a little under sixty bucks here on Amazon. It isn’t a bad little kit but it is missing a few key elements that you’ll want to add for it to be truly complete.

–First aid items, such as adhesive bandages and pain relievers.
–Food, such as a granola bar or some dried nuts.
–An emergency blanket (I prefer the SOL Emergency Blanket, myself).
–I’d also swap out the nylon cord for paracord.

All in all, though, this isn’t a bad option at all for someone looking to purchase a small kit they can keep on hand for hiking and other outdoor activities.

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