Pro Tool Chisel Utility Knife

Posted on: September 22, 2014
Chisel knife 2

Simply put, this is a beast of a tool! Rather different from other knives we’ve reviewed in the past, the Pro Tool Chisel Utility Knife isn’t something you’d necessarily toss into the bug out bag, if only because it weighs in at a hefty 1lb 3oz. However, it would be an excellent addition to the toolbox at home for when you’re dealing with demolition work and such for remodeling projects or as a result of storm debris.

Fashioned out of a single piece of 5/16″ thick 1075 carbon steel, the Pro Tool Chisel Utility Knife works as a pry bar, a cutting tool, and a chisel.

The blade edges are flat ground and are very sharp right out of the box.

At the butt end, about 1/2″ of the tang extends past the handle, giving you a great surface for pounding with a mallet or hammer.

The handle is fashioned from two pieces of hardwood ash. It is contoured and fits my hand very nicely.

All told, the tool runs 10 5/8″ in length. It comes with a nylon sheath as well.

What I like about The Pro Tool Chisel Utility Knife is that it is very heavy duty and made to take a beating. With this tool and a hammer, you could demo damn near anything, from tearing apart pallets for firewood to taking down a wall in your home.

I could easily see urban preppers wanting to have this in their Get Home Bags in the event they need to pry open a door or window. Far more compact than most actual pry bars, plus the sharp edges give it dual purpose in the kits.

The Pro Tool Chisel Utility Knife is available here in Amazon for about $87 at the time of this review. Visit Pro Tool Industries to check out all their other great products, too.

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