Handmade Dual Altoids Tin Pouch
Posted on: September 23, 2014
Handmade Pouch

I stumbled across this item a bit ago and just had to buy one. As many of you know already, Altoids tins make for wonderful little containers for survival gear. Whether you buy a premade kit like the Pocket Tin Survival Kit available from Survival Resources or you make your own, these little kits are great to have as backups to your primary equipment.

This handmade leather pouch allows you to carry two tins, side by side. This serves my own purposes well as I typically have two tins with me when I’m out in the field. One tin is a fire kit, containing a butane lighter, strike anywhere matches, a small ferro rod, char cloth, jute twine, and some tinder tabs. The other tin has a mish-mash of gear, everything from a small Gerber Paraframe knife to some adhesive bandages, a button compass to a signal whistle.

This dual pouch works great at keeping both tins together, without them clinking and clanging against one another.

The pouch is obviously handmade, with artificial sinew stitching. The stitches are tight and the entire pouch is very well constructed.

I love the antler “hardware” on the outside of the pouch, too. A great touch!

This Dual Altoids Tin Pouch is made by Pat Girardin from Kaskaskia Pioneer Leather. You can email him direct at patgirardin@gmail.com. At the time of this review, the pouches were selling for $20.00, which I feel is a very fair price for this high-quality product.

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