Urban Emergency Survival Plan

Posted on: October 7, 2014
Urban Emergency Survival Plan

Prepping in an urban or suburban environment poses unique challenges when compared to living out in the sticks. Accessibility to natural resources is limited, as is space both in the yard and in the home. A dense population could prove problematic during a crisis. In Urban Emergency Survival Plan, Jim offers solutions to the problems facing city dwellers. Among the topics covered:

–An overview of the various threats of concern to urban preppers.
–How to plan for sheltering in place at work.
–Food and water storage when you have severe space constraints.
–Accessing governmental disaster plans and using them to your benefit.
–Security issues and how to solve them.

All of that and more, discussed with the common sense approach for which Jim is well known.

Urban Emergency Survival Plan is available from all major booksellers, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BAM.

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