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Posted on: October 7, 2014
Preppers Home Defense Cover

Prepper’s Home Defense has earned a place on my bookshelf by giving me the information I needed to go home and put in place some security procedures and equipment that made my home more secure the day I read the book. — Stephanie Dayle, American Preppers Network

Jim does a great job in laying out the options and helping the reader wade through all of the available weapons choices. I especially liked his improvised ‘hand-spike’ fashioned from a hub cap removal tool…. If you like reading about prepping – especially defense – you will like this book. It’s a great compilation of security strategies to help protect your ‘fort’ and ‘family’…. — Creek Stewart, Willow Haven Outdoor

Two things I especially like about the book are that it is realistic and that I couldn’t find any really bad advice….I feel Cobb tells readers what they should hear which is a credit to him. — Charlie Palmer, Author of THE PREPPER NEXT DOOR

#1 Bestselling book on Amazon in the Home Security niche for almost two full years! Prepper’s Home Defense begins with the assumption the reader isn’t a highly trained former Navy SEAL, nor Army Ranger or SWAT trained law enforcement. Instead, it is written for the average person who is looking to augment their home security, come what may.

Prepper’s Home Defense is full of practical, no nonsense, and down to earth advice on subjects such as:

–Strengthening doors and windows against intruders.
–Finding hidden storage solutions around the home.
–Choosing firearms and other self-defense weapons.
–Deciding whether a “safe room” is right for you and how to set one up.

The information contained in Prepper’s Home Defense is suitable for today as well as after some sort of cataclysmic event. Make no mistake, this isn’t some sort of “shoot ’em all, let God sort ’em out” approach to home security and defense. Instead, Prepper’s Home Defense takes you by the hand and shows you how the average Joe or Jane can get a leg up against home invaders, burglars, and other bad guys.

Prepper’s Home Defense is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM, and anywhere else quality books are found.

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