Monstrum Tactical MOLLE Pouch
Posted on: October 9, 2014
Monstrum Front fully loaded

Reviewed by Sean Neeld

Here I am again, this time I’m looking for the best pouch possible for a very specific carry option. I’ve wanted something to carry one of my home made mini EDC kits, plus a few other items. I’ve found some really nice models, but they were usually too big or too small. Some were a great size for my needs, but were cost prohibitive.

Alas, I found a Monstrum Tactical MOLLE Utility Pouch on Amazon for about $14.

I had narrowed it down to this item or a Condor Gadget MOLLE Pouch. The prices were nearly identical, so I went over both items with a discerning eye. The Monstrum was about a half-inch smaller, so it was a close call.

I believe some Monstrum products mimic some of their higher priced competition, yet still make a great value. There may be subtle differences here and there, but there were no major must-haves. I rarely go for the high end products when I find one that is similar for a lower price and good reviews. A quick note on reviews? Take them ALL with a grain of salt.

The Monstrum pouch appears to be very well made. The stitching appears sturdy and I only found one loose thread, which I burned down in about 3 seconds. It was a small detail, but it lent itself to the overall quality. The zippers, zipper pulls, and Velcro patches are also solid.

Features on the pouch were way more than I expected and what I saw online. As I looked it over, right after opening the Amazon box, I knew I had hit a homerun. From the front, there is a hard pouch cover with a zippered pocket. On the underside of that cover is a heavy duty patch of Velcro that connects to the front, expandable, pocket.

On either side of that pocket are elastic loops that can be adjusted to hold the pocket tightly closed. In this front area, you have it subdivided into different sections. Behind this front area, you have the main pocket. It has 3 subdivisions and they held everything I wanted with a tiny bit of room left. This main pocket has two zippers w/pulls. On the back of the pouch, there are two MOLLE snap straps, which are useful to wear on a belt, if you know how to weave them correctly.

One of the main things that I liked was the expandable front pocket. It really protrudes as you add more stuff, so those adjustable elastic straps help it stay secure. It more than serves its purpose.

Cost @ $14
Strong & sturdy
Perfect size for a mini-EDC kit and other small items
Multiple carry options

It looks pregnant with all the stuff I put in there, so that’s a bit odd. (As was that statement).

Here’s a look at the “pregnant” pouch.

Here’s everything that fits inside.

Final verdict? Take a close look for yourself on the Monstrum or Amazon websites and see for yourself. If you have a couple of handfuls of small-ish gear you want to keep in its own pouch, this may work out perfect for you too.

Find them both here:
Monstrum Tactical Website
Monstrum Tactical MOLLE Pouch on Amazon

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