Winter Driving Reminders

Posted on: October 13, 2014

It won’t be too much longer before a whole lot of us will be facing snow and ice on the roads. I know, that’s a fun thought, right? Given that it seems as though many drivers forget how to handle slick roads from year to year, here are a few gentle reminders.

SLOW THE F&%$ DOWN! A high percentage of winter traffic accidents could have been prevented if the drivers would have just let off the accelerator a touch. I know, we all want to get where we’re going as quickly as possible. But, y’know what? Better to get there a little slower than not at all.

GET OFF MY A$$! Tailgating isn’t going to make me, or anyone else, drive any faster on a slick road. All it is going to do is aggravate me and I’ll probably slow down further. Plus, if I were to suddenly tap my brake, you are probably likely to hit yours a bit harder, possibly causing all sorts of bad things to happen on your end. Respect me personal space and we’ll get along just fine.

YOUR 4 WHEEL DRIVE IS JUST AS BEHOLDEN TO PHYSICS AS ANY OTHER VEHICLE! That oh-so-cool giant 4×4 isn’t going to handle all that much better on black ice than someone’s Prius. Ice is ice, you idiot, and it doesn’t much care how big you are. About the only good thing about your 4 wheel drive monstrosity is it will be great for getting out of the ditch after you spin out.

STAY OFF THE ROADS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Working outside the home can be problematic during periods of bad weather, I know this as well as anyone. However, if at all humanly possible, just stay home if the roads are dicey. Remember, if you end up in a ditch, you’re not only endangering yourself but those who brave the elements to come to your assistance. If the weather starts to turn nasty while you’re already at work, see if you can cut out early to avoid the worst of it.

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