Build the Perfect Survival Kit – John McCann

Posted on: March 17, 2010

This is the perfect book for those who have yet to get together their own bug out bags, as well as those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Even the more experienced preppers will likely find a nugget or two worth the cover price.

McCann is a survivalist after my own heart. Rather than going out and buying all the latest and greatest gadgets, he has many examples of alternate uses for what you might have lying around at home. He gives many examples of how items might have multiple purposes. When he suggests a particular brand-name item, he explains why he recommends it. The reader gets the immediate impression McCann has tried out several different brands before he settled on the one mentioned.

The book is broken into four parts.

The Basics, where he discusses the general thought process behind putting together a survival kit.

The Components, where he breaks down the different categories of kit contents (Fire & Light, Signaling, Navigation, Water & Food, Shelter & Protection, Knives & Tools, and Medical). There are also sections on multi-purpose and miscellaneous components.

The Kits is a detailed discussion on various kits he has assembled, organized by size.

Appendicies is comprised of lists of kit contents, recommended suppliers, and suggested further reading.

The kits he illustrates in this book range in size from being able to fit into a shirt pocket to full backpacks and vehicle kits. In each case, he goes into detail on what goes into the kit, what the items are used for, and how you can pack them to save space and weight. It is obvious McCann has field-tested the different items he suggests for the reader.

Be forewarned, this isn’t a book that will explain exactly how the different items are used in the field. For example, for some of the kits he suggests carrying snare wire. But, this book won’t teach you anything about how to set snares. Rather, McCann is teaching you how to custom build a survival kit to match your needs. While there are many components that will be somewhat universal, each kit is going to be unique to your own specifications. Which is as it should be.

Very well laid out and informative, the book is easy to read. This book is highly recommended. It is carried by all major bookstores but you can order it quickly here.

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