2014 Holiday Shopping List for Preppers

Posted on: November 20, 2014

Well, we’re rapidly reaching that time of year again. While the stores have been decorating for the holidays since Halloween, it isn’t until Thanksgiving that many of us start making out our gift lists. Naturally, every prepper blogger worth their salt is going to have a post like this sometime between now and Christmas. What follows are my suggestions for possible gifts for the preppers in your lives, or perhaps you’ll find a thing or two you might want to add to your own wish list.

Personally, books are always high on my own wish list. A few I’d recommend this year include:

The Survival Group Handbook by Charley Hogwood: This is the first book I’ve seen that addresses group dynamics, networking, and setting up any sort of survival community. Expertly written by someone who knows his stuff.

Practical Self Reliance by John D. McCann: John truly lives the self reliant life and it shows throughout this great book. It is packed with solid information, based on hard won experience rather than theory. If you are truly striving to become more independent, this book should be your guide.

Alien Invasion: Owners’ Resistance Manual by Sean T Page: If you have a sci-fi lover on your gift list, this is THE book for them. I’ve been a fan of Sean’s books for a while now. While they are quite funny, written with tongue firmly planted in cheek, there’s actually a fair amount of solid information scattered within. This book, like his previous Zombie Survival Manual, is written as a guide for those who think we might come to be at war with beings from beyond. Profusely illustrated and just tons of fun!

The Rule of Three by Eric Walters: The first in a planned trilogy, The Rule of Three is one of my favorite fiction reads this year. You can read my full review here.

Of course, I’d also have to point you in the direction of books I’ve written as well. If I didn’t, then my publishers would take to task for not doing so. You can find my books on Amazon as well as pretty much any other decent bookstore.

Every prepper needs a good quality knife, if not more than one, right? If you have someone on your list who has been exceptionally good this year, consider picking up for them a GNS Knife by LT Wright Knives. Honestly, I’ve owned a ton of blades over the years and the GNS remains my absolute favorite. A close second would be the Condor Bushlore. Very similar in size and shape, the Bushlore’s blade is a bit thinner and the steel just a tad inferior to the GNS. But, it is also less than half the price, so there’s that.

Flashlights are always a hit. The Coast HP550 is just crazy bright and is about the same size as the average Maglite. Seriously, you could land aircraft with this light!

One of the coolest things I reviewed this year is the Grid-It organizer. It is awesome for keeping all those little odds and ends in your pack from being scattered all over the place. It would also be perfect for the gadget hounds on your list as it works great at keeping chargers and other accessories organized and easily accessible.

Now, should you have that one person who seems impossible to buy for, and the budget allows for the purchase, the Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag is what I would consider to be one of the premier commercial survival kits on the market today. Very well built and packed with all sorts of high quality gear. Pricey, but worth it, in my opinion.

For those who do a fair amount of camping, the CanCooker line of products are awesome. Of course, they’d also be handy to have around the house for off-grid cooking should that be necessary. They basically pressure cookers, which allow you to cook large amounts of food fairly quickly and with far less fuel than you might otherwise need.

Lastly, coming soon will be the first three DVDs in the Make Ready to Survive series by Panteao Productions. I believe they’ll be available on Amazon at some point, though I’m not sure exactly when. You can buy them direct from Panteao, though, and even pre-order them if you’d like. The plan is to have the first three DVDs on the shelves in early December.

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