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Posted on: November 21, 2014

Don’t say I never gave you anything. In the next several weeks, you’ll probably be spending a considerable amount of money on holiday gifts. Well, here’s one gift I have for you and it won’t cost you a dime outside of ink for your printer.

I asked several of my fellow prepper/survival bloggers for links to where my readers could find free downloadable checklists, forms, and other info. What I suggest to you is you warm up the printer, make sure you have plenty of ink, then spend a couple of hours going through these links, printing out hard copies of the stuff you find most useful for you and your family.

Might want to grab a cup of coffee, too, as you may be at this for a while….

The Busy B Homemaker — First Aid Kit Checklist: You’ll find the PDF linked toward the bottom of the article. Take the time to read the info there, too, as there’s some great advice found in this blog post.

The Home Ready Home — Grab-n-Go Binder: Another great article, well worth the read. You’ll find the PDF toward the bottom.

Your Own Home Store — Important Documents: As you go through this article, you’ll find a ton of different printable documents and forms, all centered upon collating your important information in one easy to access binder or folder.

Food Storage & Survival — Shelf Life Chart: This is a great resource for anyone concerned about how long their peanut butter, canned goods, and other stored foods will last.

Food Storage & Survival — Car Emergency Kit Checklist: Kit content lists are a dime a dozen online but this is one of the better ones.

The Survival Mom — Giant List of Checklists: Ok, that’s not what she calls it but the name fits. Here, you’ll find tons of printable checklists and forms, covering a wide range of topics. Very, very comprehensive.

SurviveHive — Checklist Generator: Rather different than the others on this list, here you can customize checklists to suit your individual needs. There are six different basic checklists (72 hour kit, first aid, food & water, vehicle gear, spices, health & hygiene). You decide from the master list in each category what items you want to put on your list, then print them out. Pretty cool!

Ed That Matters — Education After The Collapse: Free e-book on educating your children when public schools aren’t an option.

The Bug Out Bag Guide — Making a Customized Bug Out Plan: Very comprehensive approach to planning for bugging out.

Melissa K. Norris — Ultimate Food Preservation Guide: This great guide covers just about every method of food preservation out there, from home canning to root cellars and everything in between.

Prepared in Every Way — 100 Things Survivors Must Do: A handy guide to planning for death, including collecting important contact info, documents that should be drawn up, and making arrangements ahead of time.

Common Sense Home — Seed Starting Calendar: A very common dilemma among new gardeners is trying to figure out exactly when they should start planting certain seeds. This calendar takes all the guesswork out of the equation.

My Food Storage Cookbook — First Aid Kit Checklists: A great collection of six different first aid kit checklists, covering everything from medications to bandages.

3 thoughts on “Free Prepper Info!

  1. I have a couple ideas for someone who has a little yard or no yard at all. First, get together with other people for a community garden. This would bring together people that have little or no gardening skills with others who are more knowledegable about gardening. Plus getting in contact with Master Gardeners in your area will help. Second, use something like the Square Foot technique that allows you to get more food planted in a smaller space. I hope this could help! Thanks Doug.

  2. Dude, seriously, thank you so much for this. I can not express how much this helps me. I am a very list-oriented person, and this was like early Christmas for me.

  3. PLEASE ~
    Be prepared BEFORE Next September 2015 To care for yourse and others if needed ! PLEASE.! DON’T. Relie on FEMA.

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