Alien Invasion: Owners’ Resistance Manual by Sean T. Page

Posted on: November 25, 2014

I’m a big fan of author Sean T. Page. I’ve reviewed his previous books here, here, and here. All of his books are written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Yet, at the same time, they do provide some degree of actual prepper/survival information, which is actually pretty darn cool.

In Alien Invasion: Owners’ Resistance Manual, Page does for aliens what he’s done for zombies in the past. The basic premise is that aliens are real and they are looking to take over Earth, for one reason or another. To that end, Page has assembled a ton of “factual” information relating to different alien species as well as their various agendas.

The book is designed as sort of a field manual for those planning on resisting the alien takeover. There is detailed information on each of several different alien species, from “Little Green Men” to “Insectoids” and more. Here’s a snapshot from one of those pages.

The book is obviously profusely illustrated. All sorts of diagrams, charts, and images of all manner of alien technology feature on every page.

Where the book truly shines is the great attention to detail. For example, there is a section on the history of alien activity. Having grown up as a major fan of science fiction, I naturally devoured any books I could get my hands on that dealt with UFOs and aliens. Many “historical” events listed here mirror what I recall reading in my youth.

There are guidelines for combat, with special advice for each alien species. On top of that is information relating to military operations versus civilian resistance, abduction proofing your home, building and outfitting an alien invasion bunker, and how to be an ET Prepper. All just really cool stuff.

I’m not going to go so far as to say we’re looking at a potential invasion of Greys or Little Green Men. But, if something like that did happen, you’ll be glad to have your Alien Invasion: Owners’ Resistance Manual at the ready.

This book would appeal to any fan of science fiction as well as humorous reference guides. It truly is a lot of fun and I enjoyed it immensely. You can find your copy of Alien Invasion: Owners’ Resistance Manual here on Amazon.

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