Prepper Magazine Subscriptions – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Posted on: December 1, 2014

For those scrambling to find relatively inexpensive gifts for the preppers on your holiday list this year, you might consider giving them a subscription to one or another prepper/survival magazines. While they might not have a big wrapped gift to open, they’ll surely appreciate the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Here are my favorite publications, any of which would make for awesome holiday gifts this season.

Self Reliance Illustrated
Of all the magazines I get in the mail or pick up at the newsstand, SRI is my favorite. Each issue is chock full of great articles, most of which are DIY in nature or approach. What I really appreciate is that the folks featured in the magazine are real people doing stuff, rather than just fluff pieces featuring the latest and greatest gadgets and doodads. They offer a one year (4 issues) subscription that comes with DVD containing electronic copies of six additional issues, all for $31.00 plus shipping for the DVD.

Countryside and Small Stock Journal
Countryside has been around what seems like forever. It is geared toward the homesteading crowd, though they’ve expanded into the prepping world with the last couple of issues, something that is planned to continue at least for the next year or more. Countryside is a great, very down to earth, publication. They offer a one year (six issues) subscription for $18.00.

Survivor’s Edge
A relative newcomer to the prepper magazine market, Survivor’s Edge’s first two issues were impressive. Very professionally done, packed with great content of interest to both new and experienced survivalists. They offer a one year subscription (4 issues) for $23.97.

New Pioneer
Published by the same folks that do Survivor’s Edge, New Pioneer is focused on homesteading with a scattering of survival information here and there. Like Survivor’s Edge, very well done and the articles are largely written by folks who are out there doing the work every day, rather than just reading about it. They offer a one year subscription (4 issues) for $24.97.

Backwoods Home
Very similar in content to Countryside, with perhaps a touch more info on prepping in some issues. Something I really like about Backwoods Home is the informal tone of most of the articles. Many of the contributors aren’t professional writers but they darn sure know the material about which they’re writing. They offer a one year (6 issue) subscription for $24.95.

If you have someone on your list who truly appreciates primitive living, bushcraft, and historical lore, this is the magazine for them. Like some of the others featured in this list, Backwoodsman is largely reader-written. These are regular folks who are out doing what they love, then writing about it. They offer a one year (6 issue) subscription for $24.00.

Give the gift that keeps on giving, all year long!

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