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Posted on: January 27, 2015

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big of a fan of Amazon as the next guy. Great prices, usually quick shipping, and I can find damn near anything I need there. However, there is something about buying a handcrafted knife, fire kit, or leather bag. The men and women engaged in this sort of stuff put their hearts and souls into their products. Typically, the items are created one at a time, often with several members of the family getting involved. They don’t have factories or long assembly lines. They are working in their garages, their basements, their workshops, doing the things they love to do.

These folks have learned their crafts by doing, rather than just reading about it. Sure, you might pay a hair more than you would if you were buying a similar product from Amazon. But, y’know what? Buying a handcrafted pouch or knife is truly supporting the American worker who made it.

What follows are links to and information about men and women who are selling good quality items at a fair price.

Red Rhino Customs

Okay, if anyone is looking to buy me an early Christmas present, check this out. Or this. This, too. Aren’t those some of the most beautiful ferro rods you’ve ever seen? Now, I’ll grant you that when it comes to such things, beauty takes a back seat to function. But, man, those are just gorgeous as well as functional!

Here’s what Red Rhino has to say about themselves: Red Rhino Customs is a Christian owned company, located in Texas. We offer a variety of premium items including custom kydex knife rigs, hand-forged knives, leather products, hand-turned firesteels, pouches and more to come! All of our hand crafted items are unique and made right here in the USA.


Creations by Aeryck de Sade

Aeryck de Sade offers a wide range of handcrafted products, from leather pouches to jewelry.  I know from experience he does good work as I purchased a custom sheath dangler from him a while back.  He states on his site — Leather, Woodworking, and spiritual mystical items are my forte. I’m descended from Native American blood and good ol’ Appalachian ancestors, so everything that I offer is unique, blessed, and honors Mother Earth, and prepared just for you!  Find him online here.

Campcraft Outfitters

Campcraft offers a variety of hand crafted products ranging from fire starters, ring belts and knives to quality leather goods. They

also create custom products upon request. From their website: Handcrafted products made in the USA by Campcraft; we offer a line of books, dvds, knives, and leatherwork created in house by our very own staff and instructors in addition to other items we use frequently that will make your outdoor adventures the best they can be. Every item is rigorously field tested before being offered to the public. Visit them here online.

Earthly Leather Design

We make leather Work Belts, Ring Belts, Belt Pouches, Haversacks, Suspenders, Quivers, Arm Guards, and more. Not only do we make all of these, we make them from the leather up, to the size, color, and patterns that our customers request. We offer up to 14 leather color options, 10 hand stitching color options, 17 belt embossing patterns, nearly as many pouch embossing patterns, 50 buckles, 17 pouch closures, 46 decorative conchos, 3 weights and 4 styles of leather. We also sell Supplies such as brass and nickel buckles, snaps, rivets, conchos and medallions, as well as tools.  Visit them online or on Facebook.

Rob’s Walking Sticks

Rob Montgomery is a Desert Storm veteran. He makes every walking stick, kubotan, and baton by hand. He can be reached via email to tacticalknots@gmail.com.

Brandon’s Antler Whistles

Brandon crafts a wide range of products using antlers, such as whistles, slingshots, pipes, and knives. Hit him up via email to brandon1121.bm@gmail.com and see what he has available for you.





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