RedHed Garden Tool Master Kit

Posted on: April 29, 2015
RedHed Garden Master Tool Kit - Case interior 4

The RedHed Garden Tool Master Kit is a handy and innovative way to keep several of the most commonly used yard tools in one easy to use system. Developed by nationally recognized landscaper Rick Meinzer, this kit is an excellent option for storing garden tools at the cabin or in a small space, such as an apartment or condo.

What’s in the box?
The RedHed Garden Tool Master Kit consists of four tool heads and several different handle attachments. All told, you can combine these to make 32 different tools, which is pretty cool.

The four tool heads:
–Spade shovel head
–Square shovel head
–Rake head
–Broom head

Handle attachments:
–Short D-handle (not shown in below pic)
–Long D-handle
–Long straight handle
–Short straight handle
–Long handle extender

The tools and handles use a patent-pending Quick Connect system, which works very well. The connector tip on the tool head slides into the connector sleeve on the handle. A pin on the tool head fits into a curved slot and locks the tool in place. To release, there are two small sliding buttons on the side of the tool. Slide those up and the tool comes apart. All told, it takes perhaps a second or two at most to connect or disconnect the tool from the handle.

The handles are hickory and the tool heads are powder-coated steel. This is heavy-duty stuff, folks, and obviously made to last.

All of the tools and handles are contained in a soft-sided nylon case. Each tool and handle has a home in the case and is secured by straps.

The case measures a little more than 27 1/2” x 18 1/2” x 6 3/4”. This small size allows it to fit just about anywhere — garage, closet, or trunk. All told, the kit and case weigh a hair less than 30lbs. There is room within the case where you could easily add a few more hand tools, too, such as garden trowels and such. This isn’t a kit you’ll want to carry on your shoulder for miles and miles but it is easily managed for most people.

How well does it work?
The tools are very strong and stand up to normal use without any issues. I was worried that the connection between the handle and tool head would prove to be a weak spot but I had no problems levering up dirt with the shovel. There was the tiniest bit of play in the connector but the included rubber O rings took care of that.

I used each of the tools for a few different tasks and had no problems with them even coming close to failing. The hickory handles are obviously very strong and the steel tool heads are up for anything you want to toss at them.

What did I like about the product?
It really is a neat system for carrying and storing garden tools. In the prepper niche, I could see it being used by urban gardeners who don’t want to lug shovels and rakes on the bus or in a cab as they travel to and from community garden plots. Toss the RedHed Garden Tool Master Kit over your shoulder and off you go. I could also see it being handy for those who have an offsite cabin or retreat where they don’t want to leave tools behind in case of theft. Toss the case into the trunk and you’ll have all you need when you get to the site.

What did I not like about the product?
These tools are heavy! This stands to reason, of course, as they are designed to professional grade specifications. But, the handles are a bit thicker than I’m used to, measuring about 1 3/8″ thick. The shovel tools posed no trouble in that regard but when I was using the rake and the broom, the thicker handle was very noticeable. The thicker handles, though, add weight to the tool. Great for shoveling, not so great for raking and sweeping.

Honestly, I could have done without the broom completely and would have preferred to have a hoe or other garden implement. This kit wasn’t specifically designed for the prepper, of course, and is more of a general use set up. In that regard, the broom is a great addition.

Where can you find the product?
RedHed Tools has a great website where you can learn about all of their products. You can also find the Garden Tool Master Kit here on Amazon, retailing for $250.00.

The final verdict
The RedHed Garden Tool Master Kit is a little pricey but is very well-designed and is robust enough to last many year. For the prepper, it could serve as a great addition to the offsite retreat.

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