CRKT Synergist

Posted on: July 10, 2015
CRKT Synergist

The CRKT Synergist might very well be the most well balanced and comfortable defense knife I’ve ever held. While small in size, it is plenty dangerous.

The first thing that is readily apparent about the Synergist when you take it from the box is how slim it is. The knife is less than 3/8″ thick at its thickest point. That’s pretty damn slim, if you ask me.

The double-edged spear point blade is a little more than 3.5″ long and comes extremely sharp.

The handle scales are a textured G10, providing a very sure grip in all conditions.

All told, the Synergist is a bit over 7.5″ long from the needle tip to the lanyard hole at the base of the handle. It is crafted from one solid piece of 8Cr13MoV steel, Rockwell hardness of 56-58 for the metallurgists out there, with a beautiful brushed satin finish.

The sheath is pressed leather and holds the knife tightly without any clasps. I’ve noted in other reviews that people have noticed the knife getting loose in the sheath over time. I haven’t had the knife long enough for that to happen but it wouldn’t surprise me. While I like leather sheaths (and tend to despise kydex and similar materials), they can get stretched out over time. A clasp of some sort would be a dramatic improvement.

The back of the sheath has a metal clip for attaching it to a belt, boot, or pack strap. The clip is very strong and I have little worry about the sheath coming loose from anywhere I’ve attached it.

I can’t get over how comfortable the knife is to hold. It is one of those blades that you just never want to put down.

I consider a knife to be a last ditch defense weapon. A firearm and/or pepper spray are far better options. However, you should always have a backup weapon and the CRKT Synergist is an excellent option for that. It is truly a weapon and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The razor sharp blade is designed to slice, no question about it. The needle-like point is made to pierce and do so deeply. There is nothing fancy about the Synergist and it is rather beautiful in its simplicity.

I highly recommend the Synergist as a self-defense blade. You can find it here on Amazon, currently under $50.

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