SOG Snarl

Posted on: August 25, 2015
SOG Snarl cover

One thing that’s for certain – the SOG Snarl is a beast of a knife. It is entirely fashioned out of a single piece of 9Cr18MoV steel. At a full 0.25” thick, it is incredibly strong. It has a bit of heft to it, weighing almost 2 ounces. But, it isn’t so heavy as to be cumbersome or even tiring to use.

There is some aggressive jimping along the spine, which is great for keeping the blade under control while doing fine detail work.

The sheepsfoot blade seems a bit different to many people but that’s because a lot of those folks aren’t accustomed to using a knife daily.

The sheepsfoot style blade just might be one of the most useful blade shapes out there. While it isn’t great for skinning game, it is awesome for just about anything else that doesn’t require a curved belly to the blade. The main advantage to the sheepsfoot blade is the lack of a sharpened point. You won’t accidentally stab something while you’re using the blade to slice. It works great on cutting cordage, carving/whittling, and all sorts of other common chores.

Don’t let the lack of a needle point deter you from thinking the Snarl would be effective for self-defense. The way this thing is designed, it is like a combination of brass knuckles and knife. One you have it gripped in your hand, it isn’t going anywhere. Slashing an attacker would certainly deter them from further aggression.

The molded nylon sheath has a removable belt clip.

You can arrange the clip into a few different positions, allowing you to customize the angle to your liking. Remove the clip and add some cordage to turn it into a very handy neck knife. The Snarl is held quite securely in this sheath. I’d have no qualms about lashing it to a pack strap for carrying on the trail.

All told, the SOG Snarl is 4.3” from end to end, with the sharpened blade running 2.3”. Mine was quite sharp right out of the box, too.

The SOG Snarl currently retails for just over $30 here on Amazon.

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