Zubin Axe Multi-Tool Staff

Posted on: December 9, 2015
Zubin cover

I’ve wanted to get my hands on one of these for several months now. Ever since I saw an ad in American Survival Guide, I believe it was, I’ve wanted to play around with a Zubin Axe. While I was at the NPS Expo in Kentucky in October, I stopped by the Zubin Axe booth and saw what the tool looked like up close and personal. I liked what I saw, that’s for sure.

The Zubin Axe Multi-Tool Staff consists of a two-piece staff that screws together and several different heads that can be swapped out in seconds. The staff is constructed of hickory and has a nice rubber grip. It screws together solidly, with no wiggle, and the joint holds up to abuse. I’ve tossed it around and whacked it against logs without any problem whatsoever.

Each of the heads attaches to the staff by means of a couple of screws. I found a few of the heads were a bit of a tight fit into the holder on the staff. However, I’m quite certain that this will loosen up a bit over time. The screws hold each head securely in place. There was absolutely no give once the screws were tightened down by means of the included Allen wrench.

The heads include an axe:

Fish spear / Frog gig




There is also a slingshot head, as shown in the pics here.

Assembled, the staff alone runs just shy of five feet in length. The heads are all made from 440C stainless steel. There is also a nylon pouch that will hold just about all of the heads. The shovel head is a new feature and because it is new, it doesn’t really fit into the pouch that came with my set. I’ve no doubt they are working on a new pouch or some other means of transporting all of the various tool heads.

Okay, so with all of that covered, what did I think of the Zubin Axe Multi-Tool Staff?

The Coolness factor is certainly a 10 out of 10. With the different heads on this tool, I could kill an intruder, cut him into manageable chunks, then dig a hole to bury them all in my backyard. Once I’m done with that, do a little plinking at tin cans with the slingshot and call it a good day.

In all seriousness, though, I’d give it an overall 8 out of 10. All of the components fit together extremely well. Everything is very well made and durable. The axe is a bit awkward to use, owing to the long handle compared to the relatively small head. Even if you take the staff apart and only the one half, which is about 2.5 feet long, it is still kind of clumsy. I had the same difficulty when using the saw blade. Both the axe and the saw will get the job done, don’t get me wrong, they are just a little awkward until you get used to them.

I’m not a fan of throwing a weapon, either for hunting or for defense. (Arrows and such aren’t thrown, those are projectiles.) My fear would be missing the target and hitting a rock or something that would damage the spear point. With both the spear head and the frog gig, I’d suggest holding on to the staff while thrusting toward your target.

The staff weighs about 32oz, which isn’t too bad for a hiking staff, especially one with a nice rubber grip and a compass. The heads weigh a combined 18oz or so. All told, we’re talking roughly 40oz or 2.5lbs. Again, not a ton of weight but certainly a bit more than the minimalists will want to add to their kit. Despite the fact that the staff comes apart, I would imagine most people will keep the staff in one piece and use it for a hiking stick, adding the appropriate tool head when the need or desire warrants.

The Zubin Axe Multi-Tool Staff runs $320 for the complete kit, as shown here. You might be able to find it a little cheaper on Amazon or elsewhere if you surf around the ‘Net. Zubin Axe does offer each of the individual heads as well as other smaller sets here.

The Zubin Axe Multi-Tool Staff is a nifty addition to a prepper’s arsenal. Yeah, it is kind of gimmicky but still pretty cool.

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