The Journal Update

Posted on: January 1, 2016

For those who have followed my stories, I’m happy to make a couple of announcements.

First, Book #5, The Journal: Ground Zero, is complete.  Release date is still scheduled for mid-April

Next, The Journal Trilogy (books #1, #2, #3, combined into one book) will be released in February AND will be available in bookstores!

Last, but not least, A Preppers Cookbook: 20 Years of Cooking in the Woods, is due out in June and will also be available in bookstores.


This has been a wonderful adventure for me.  Thanks for joining me.

Deborah in the UP of MI

4 thoughts on “The Journal Update

  1. thank you Bob. Personally, I think the stories are what make this cookbook unique and sets it above the others.

  2. I recently purchased your cookbook. In all honesty I can’t remember where I found it. I initially bought it because a. You were a fellow Michiganders and b. I was hoping that there would be some stories in it. I was right, loved the stories. Thank you.

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