So, You Wanna Be a Writer?

Posted on: January 20, 2016
Wanna be a writer cover

When I first decided to take my writing seriously and pursue it as a career, there were a lot of people who had my back. I sought out and received a ton of advice. I also learned a fair amount from my own mistakes along the way. This page and the articles linked here are one way I’m trying to pay it forward and help those who are just starting out. If you’ve been around the proverbial block a time or two, you probably won’t find here to be earth-shattering. But, you just might find a nugget or two worth your time, so there’s that.

I don’t have all the answers, no one does. But, if you have a writing-related question and it isn’t addressed here, you’re welcome to email me – – and I’ll do what I can. I’ll be adding to this list of articles as I have time to do so.

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Tips and Tricks for Magazine Writing

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