The Journal Trilogy

Posted on: March 5, 2016

The Journal Trilogy, Cracked Earth, Ash Fall and Crimson Skies, is now available … to bookstores! (and online).  There are some Barnes & Noble that will have it on the shelf, where as it’s available in a book catalogue to ALL bookstores.  So, you can go to your favorite store and they can order it for you.

So, being one who really wants to see my Trilogy actually IN a bookstore, not just available to them, I stopped at the larger of the two bookstores in the nearby city (yes, only two bookstores. The largest city in the UP has a population of only 25k). Anyway, I took a copy of the trilogy as a show & tell, asked the owner about a local authors section, yes it takes place in the UP, yes I live here. He checked HIS supplier (not associated with B&N) and found out there were two copies in their warehouse and ordered them both for his store!
Then I asked him about a book signing. We’re going to do one when the weather breaks in another month or so, and do one when people are milling about again.

I will post again when the signing is scheduled. IF you are local to the UP or WI, please stop by!

Meanwhile, book #5, The Journal: Fault Line, is still scheduled for release on April 19, and is available for pre-order.

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  1. Just received my copy. Wow, this thing is huge! Looking forward to digging in to it this weekend. Thanks.

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