Streamlight Stylus Pro 360

Posted on: April 5, 2016
Stylus Pro 360 cover

Regular readers here know that I’m a big fan of Streamlight’s products. Every product of theirs I’ve tried has exceeded my expectations and the Stylus Pro 360 is no exception.

I previously reviewed the Streamlight Stylus Pro here. I still have that light and use it all the time. What’s the difference between that one and the new 360 model?


The Streamlight Stylus Pro 360 works as a flashlight AND as a pocket-sized lantern! Many of us have used flashlights in a similar fashion, but the Stylus Pro 360 really ups the ante, so to speak.

Here are the basic specs.

Length: 5.9″
Weight: 1.9oz with batteries
Batteries: 2 AAA, included in package
Lumens: 65
Runtime: 6.5 hours

That’s all pretty much standard fare for Streamlight flashlights. Lots of high-powered light in a small package. It has the requisite pocket clip, too.

The lantern feature is what really sets the Stylus Pro 360 apart from the competition. Here’s how it works. The butt end of the light is flared:

Incidentally, this is also where you’ll find the rubber covered power button. The flare is made of hard rubber, giving it a little bit of grip when placed on smooth surfaces.

The head of the Stylus Pro 360 slides up, like so.

Then, just hit the power button.

Very, very cool. Naturally, it works quite well as a standard flashlight, too. It is bright enough to meet most of the typical needs, including performing quick engine repairs on the side of the road at night, finding the port-a-potty at the campground, or trying to ascertain the source of that weird noise at 4AM.

I would caution you to be careful with the light when using it as a lantern. The light is very bright so you’ll want to position it in such a way that the lantern opening isn’t right at eye level. Putting it on top of your refrigerator in the kitchen during a power outage, for example, would be perfect for lighting up the room. Putting it on your desk right next to your keyboard would be a poor choice.

The Stylus Pro 360 is, at the time of this writing, a very new product from Streamlight. You can find it on their website here and I expect it’ll be available from Amazon and elsewhere very soon. There is one vendor on Amazon selling them but they’re charging almost $10 for shipping so I’d wait until more places have it available.

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