A Dark World

Posted on: April 19, 2010

A Dark World

With the increased activity in solar flares and earthquakes, and now with more volcano activity, the health of our plant life comes into question. Currently there is a cloud of ash spreading across Europe from the volcano in Iceland, grounding all air travel. How far this cloud will spread is anybody’s guess. Taking this a step further, Eyjafjallajokull’s history has proven that once it blows, the neighboring volcano, Katla, does too, and that one is worse. The resulting problems can only get worse too.

What does this mean to us? Massive weather changes, including, but not limited to the blocking out of the sun. The sun.. that vital ingredient to growing plants. When that happens, food production comes to a grinding halt, and we have famine, not just local, but world wide famine. The effects would be the same for what is referred to as a nuclear winter, severely cold weather and reduced sunlight for a period of days, months or years. Years. A very sobering thought.

It also means the quality of our air could be compromised. Already in the UK, it’s being suggested to those who need to venture outside to wear masks, and those with breathing issues not go out at all. How is your supply of masks?

Right now, the UK and much of Europe, have not felt another effect of this cloud, food delivery, but it won’t be long until they do. Even if the volcano were to quiet right now, the amount of ash already in the atmosphere is going to have an impact somewhere. We have a world wide society that depends on ‘somewhere else’ for some if not most of their food. Another sobering thought.

Again, what does that mean to us? It means we need to increase this year’s garden production to get us thru not one, but possibly two non-producing growing seasons. It means we need to increase storage of viable seeds to be used in two or three years. While we may have enough seeds to plant this year and next, what if those plants don’t grow? There needs to be enough seeds to plant for even more years. It means we need to increase our storage of things most of us don’t grow, wheat, rice, sugar, salt, etc. It means that if we don’t do something proactively to secure our own future, we’ll be in a world of hurt.. A dark world at that.

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