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Posted on: May 18, 2016

Newton “Newt” Martin is many things. A world class knife maker. A military veteran. A son.

And now, a leukemia patient.

The diagnosis came as quite a shock to Newt and his family. By all accounts, Newt is responding well to the treatment but leukemia isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy. On top of the physical toll is the missed work and the medical expenses. Bad enough to have to deal with the illness but adding financial stress to the mix makes things so much worse. We can’t do much to alleviate pain and discomfort but for damn sure we can help with the financial end of things.

One thing that I’ve found to be true in the knife/outdoor/survival community is that we watch out for one another. Regular visitors to this site as well as my Facebook pages know I’m fond of saying, “We’re all in this together.” This is where we show what that truly means.

#TeamNewt has put together a charity auction to raise money for Newt and his family. What follows are the different prizes. You’ll find custom knives, one of a kinds, book sets, DVD sets, and package deals with all sorts of gear. The auction officially begins on Monday, May 23, at 9AM Central. Any bids received prior to that time stamp will be deleted. The bidding concludes at 10:00PM Central, Friday, May 27. The highest bids posted by that time will win the auction prizes. We will contact the winners directly to obtain shipping information.

To place a bid, simply comment below. Each bid must include the Lot Number on which you are bidding as well as the dollar amount of your bid. Be sure to use a valid email address, too, as that is how we’ll contact you at the conclusion of the raffle. If you don’t see your bid appear immediately, be patient. Occasionally, comments are delayed due to spam filters. The time stamp of your bid is what matters.

Prizes will be shipped once payment has been made and verified. Payment via Paypal is preferred. Payments made by money order or cashier’s check will significantly delay shipping of the prize. Payment must be sent no later than Tuesday, May 31.

Bid high, bid often, share this page far and wide. Let’s do all we can to help Newt and his family through their time of need. If you’re the praying sort, a knee mail or two wouldn’t hurt.

[callout style=”lightblue” centertitle=”true” align=”center” width=”450″] For direct donations

If you’d rather just send a buck or two and not monkey around with auctions, you can do so via PayPal. Please send all funds to: Thanks!

Lot #1 – Palmetto Bubba

  • 1095 high carbon steel
  • Stainless steel pin and lanyard tube
  • Blue/black textured G10 scales
  • 5 5/8″ overall length, 2 7/8″ blade
  • Black leather pocket sheath.

Lot #2 – Make Ready to Survive DVD set

Set of 13 DVDs from the Make Ready to Survive series produced by Panteao Productions. More info on each title in the series may be found here.

Lot #3 – CRKT Saker


  • 1075 carbon steel
  • 9.19 inches overall with a 4.53 inch blade.
  • Scandi grind.
  • Leather sheath.
  • Walnut scales.
  • Generously donated by CRKT.


Lot #4 – Deer Creek Forge American Trade Knife

  • 1095 high carbon steel.
  • 10 inches overall with a 5 3/8 inch blade.
  • Scandi grind
  • Brass pins and lanyard tube.
  • Leather dangler sheath.

Lot #5 – Martin Knives MCF Fighter

  • The MCF is the flagship blade for Martin Knives. This one is a custom model crafted of 440C stainless steel.Blade length is 7 inches and the top clip is sharpened. Comes with a leather sheath (the sheath on the right in the photo). 

Lot #6 – Ver Steeg Blades Imp

  • Custom Imp by Ver Steeg Blades
  • 4.25″ overall with a 2″ blade
  • O1 tool steel
  • Winning bidder will work directly with Ver Steeg Blades to choose handle material
  • Generously donated by Ver Steeg Blades.


Lot #7 – Forest II Red Maple Burl

  • A2 Tool Steel.
  • Overall length is 9.775 inches with a blade of 5 inches.
  • Generously donated by American Knife Company.

Lot #8 – LTWK Genesis

  • Genesis generously donated by LT Wright Handcrafted Knives.
  • Flat ground blade 4.25 inches long, overall length 9 inches.
  • A2 steel.
  • Black micarta scales.

Lot #9 – Denali Natural Canvas Micarta

  • Overall length of 13.875 inches
  • A2 tool steel blade of 8.5 inches long.
  • Generously donated by American Knife Company.

Lot #10 – Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit

The Guide 10 Plus Solar Kit by GoalZero comes with a Nomad 7 Solar Panel, Guide 10 Plus rechargeable battery pack, a USB cable, a 12v adapter, 4 AA rechargeable batteries, and a AAA battery adapter. This kit has been generously donated by Survival Resources.

Lot #11 – The Last Chance by Ed Martin

  • Overall length is 12″ with a 6.5″ blade.
  • This knife is a prototype and is the only one of its kind in existence.

Lot #12 – Cooking Bundle

Cooking Gone Wild Seasoning bundle generously donated by Starla’s Seasonings. Prepper’s Cookbook and Meals in a Jar courtesy of Ulysses Press.

Lot #13 – Echo 7 Knife by Dogwood Custom Knives

  • 8.5 inches overall with a 4 inch blade
  • O1 tool steel.
  • Comes with a custom made sheath from Reliance Leather Works.
  • Generously donated by Dogwood Custom Knives.

Lot #14 – Scorpion by the Jones Brothers

Scorpion by the Jones Brothers.
–Overall length: 7.5”
–Blade length: 3.25”
–Steel: ATS-34 with Paul Bos heat treat
–Flat ground, sharp on both edges
–Removable carbon fiber scales with stainless hardware
–Kydex sheath with large Tec-Loc

Lot #15 – Ulysses Press book collection

Ulysses Press will select a collection of 20 books from their catalog in the prepper/survivalist/outdoors genres. Collection will contain both newest releases as well as bestsellers.

Lot #16 – Custom ESEE 5

ESEE 5 knife customized by Bark River Knives. The spine has been squared off, the powder coat was removed and the knife polished. A convex grind was done as well.

Lot #17 – Attleboro Knife

“The Attleboro”is designed to commemorate the ultimate sacrifice made by Army Special Forces MSG William B. Hunt and to honor all the military members involved in Operation Attleboro during the Vietnam War.
–Steel: CPM S35VN
–Black phenolic laminated handle

Lot #18 – Martin Knives Kephart

Kephart by Martin Knives. No longer produced. Handle is osage.

Lot #19 – Hedgehog leatherworks.Right Hand, Advanced model Kabar sheath

Extremely high quality sheath for a full size KA-BAR knife. Note: this is only the sheath, the knife shown is not included. It does, however, include the ferro rod.

Lot #20 – Gossman Knives Nessmuk

This is a custom Nessmuk knife, courtesy of Gossman Knives.

  • 8 3/4″ overall with a 4 1/4″ blade
  • 4″ cutting edge
  • .140″ thick by 1 1/2″ wide
  • CPM 154 steel.
  • Scales are brown canvas micarta.
  • Leather sheath.

49 thoughts on “TeamNewt Charity Auction

  1. Auction is now CLOSED. No bids will be accepted beyond this point. Winners will be notified via email shortly and given instructions for payment and receipt of their prize(s). To all of those who placed bids, thank you for your support. We, as well as Newt, truly appreciate it.

  2. As of 12:45PM Central, May 27, here are the current high bids:

    Lot 1 – $150
    Lot 2 – $150
    Lot 3 – $150
    Lot 4 – $225
    Lot 5 – $500
    Lot 6 – $250
    Lot 7 – $250
    Lot 8 – $200
    Lot 9 – $75
    Lot 10 – $150
    Lot 11 – $1000
    Lot 12 – $75
    Lot 13 – $250
    Lot 14 – $200
    Lot 15 – $175
    Lot 16 – $200
    Lot 17 – $150
    Lot 18 – $250
    Lot 19 – $50
    Lot 20 – $150

  3. Lot 1 – $150
    Lot 3 – $150
    Lot 4 – $150
    Lot 6 – $250
    Lot 7 – $250
    Lot 8 – $200
    Lot 13 – $200
    Lot 14 – $200
    Lot 16 – $150
    Lot 17 – $150
    Lot 18 – $250
    Lot 20 – $150
    Come on Folks, let’s rev up the bidding. I don’t know what this stuff is worth and I don’t care. I do care about Newt and I’m having fun bidding.

    FYI, using this “comment bidding” system works best by looking at what the high bids are in other comments and out-bid them.

  4. Lot. 2 – $75
    Lot 7 – $50
    Lot 10 – $150
    Lot 12 – $50
    Lot 15 – $100

  5. I bid:
    $35-lot #12 cooking bundle
    $25-lot #15 Ulysses Press book collection

  6. $30 – Lot #7 Forest II Red Maple Burl
    $30 – Lot #15 Ulysses Press

  7. I bid:
    $100 – Lot #10 Guide 10 Plus Solar kit

    $30 – Lot #12 Cooking Bundle

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