Water Bottle Shoulder Bag

Posted on: July 1, 2016
Water bottle shoulder bag cover

This is the Water Bottle Shoulder Bag sold by Survival Resources. I’ll tell you up front, I own way more packs, pouches, and bags a guy has any reason to have. That said, when I saw the advertisement for this bag hit my Facebook feed a while back, I knew I had to check it out.

I’ve had a few different water bottle pouches and each of them was ultimately a disappointment. Either it didn’t come with a shoulder strap, which meant either buying one separate or just carrying the damn bag (which sort of defeats the purpose), or the bag was so small all you could really carry was the water bottle. I wanted something that could hold a little bit of gear along with a good-sized water bottle.

Let’s take a look at the features of this water bottle shoulder bag.

I put the phone on top of the bag to give you an idea of size. This is a small pack but not so tiny as to be unusable.

The bag has a main storage compartment along with a smaller zippered compartment on the front. Both of these compartments have slip pockets inside them as well. These are great for keeping your gear organized.

You can see the slip pocket at the top of this picture.

This is the front compartment with the slip pocket showing.

The main compartment also has a drawstring that allows you to provide a secondary layer of protection for the contents.

While this water bottle shoulder bag comes with a padded shoulder strap

it also has MOLLE on the back so you could attach it to a pack.

There is also PALS webbing on each side of the bag.

Here is a rather typical load out for my water bottle shoulder bag.
A water bottle, small tin with tinder and charcloth, Wet Fire cube, ferro rod, fixed blade knife (this time around, a Fox River by Bark River Knives), granola bar, Coast HX5 flashlight, and an Exotac Matchcap. Not shown is an emergency blanket stuffed into one of the slip pockets.

The pouch is nowhere near as full with this load, either. There is plenty of room for more snacks or gear. I like to lengthen the shoulder strap so the bag rides at my hip. Ultimately, the smaller size of this bag prevents you from overpacking, which will keep the overall weight down.

This pack is the perfect size for short day hikes and such. It allows you to carry a small amount of gear with you, just in case, along with a good-sized water bottle. The bottle shown is a 32oz Nalgene. The bag itself measures roughly 10″high, 4″ deep, and 6″ wide.

Survival Resources is selling this Water Bottle Shoulder Bag for $34.95. Highly recommended!

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