Steel Will Adept 1000

Posted on: July 7, 2016
Steel Will Adept Review

Make no mistake, this knife is designed to do but one thing – put the hurt on somebody or something. This isn’t a bushcraft blade. You won’t be processing firewood, cleaning fish, or carving a spoon with the Steel Will Adept 1000. However, if you find you have a need for putting holes in something using a needle point dagger, you’ll have to search long and hard to find something better than this.

Let’s start with the basic specs.

Overall length: 10.95”
Blade length: 5.63”
Weight: 7.83oz
Steel: N690Co
Scales: G10

There are two different Adept models, the 1000 being reviewed here and the 1010. The primary difference between the two knives is the blade geometry. The 1000 is a double-edged dagger where the 1010 has a single sharpened edge. The 1000 is very similar to a Roman Gladius, in my opinion, though obviously a bit smaller.

The G10 handle scales are very comfortable. They provide plenty of grip without causing hot spots. This is a full tang knife, of course, meaning the blade runs all the way through the handle as a continuous piece of metal. At the butt end is a glass breaker type of pommel. Back in the day, we’d call that a skull crusher.

This blade style is designed for penetration, nothing else. It isn’t intended for slashing or cutting, though the blade is extremely sharp right out of the box. The modified tanto type tip is strong and plunges deep. I tested the tip by jamming it into a block of wood, then prying it out. The tip never even blinked at such treatment.

It also slid through a stack of cardboard like it was warm butter.

I didn’t do any cutting tests as, again, this isn’t a knife you’d reach for when cutting open boxes or butchering meat. This is the knife you grab when your life is on the line and you need to stop a threat in its tracks. With the 5.63” blade, you’ll easily hit something vital even through a thick coat, whether that coat is leather or fur.

The sheath is kydex and holds the knife very securely. The kydex is surrounded by nylon straps and such, too. There is a strap with snaps that provides additional security for the knife. The nylon straps are removable, allowing you to attach the kydex sheath directly to a pack or some type of harness, should you choose to do so. As regulars here know, I’m not generally a fan of kydex and much prefer leather sheaths. However, in this case it makes sense to use kydex as it suits this type of knife.

I wouldn’t rely upon the Steel Will Adept 1000 as a primary blade when out in the bush, for obvious reasons. However, if you’re in the market for a knife that will make short work of an attacker, this just might be the way to go. It is durable and robust, with a deeply penetrating tip that is guaranteed to give someone a bad day.

You can find the Steel Will Adept 1000 here on Amazon for about $240.00.

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