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Posted on: July 27, 2017

Recently, I was asked to team up with Cyalume Technologies on a project involving the creation of some emergency kits. Cyalume has long been at the forefront of the emergency lighting field and are known the world over for their SnapLights. They are now expanding into the emergency equipment field with these kits from their offshoot imprint Sustain Supply.

Currently, there are two kits available, a 2 Person and a 4 Person. The only real differences between the two is the color of the pack and the amount of supplies included.

We designed these kits to be robust and to meet the basic needs for sheltering in place during an emergency. We also wanted the kits to be very portable in the event that the crisis requires you to evacuate the area without little or no warning. When I came on board for this project, I was adamant that I didn’t want any dollar store crap in these kits. Instead, you’ll find quality gear that you can trust.

Here’s a quick rundown of the contents of each kit.

Sustain Supply 2 Person Kit

2 Person Kit
Large Backpack
24 Packets of Datrex® Water
12 Mountain House® Food Servings
Sawyer® Mini Water Filtration
Morakniv® Knife
4 Cyalume® SnapLights• LED Lantern
LED Flashlight
First Aid Kit
8 Bath Wipes
2 Emergency Blankets
Portable Stove and Cookware
2 Bowls and Utensils
Ferrocerium Rod
2 Instafire® Tinder
2 Whistles

Sustain Supply 4 Person Emergency Kit

4 Person Kit
Large Backpack
48 Packets of Datrex® Water
24 Mountain House® Food Servings
Sawyer® Squeeze Water Filtration
Morakniv® Knife
8 Cyalume® SnapLights
2 LED Lanterns
2 LED Flashlights
1 First Aid Kit
16 Bath Wipes
4 Emergency Blankets
Portable Stove and Cookware
4 Bowls and Utensils
Ferrocerium Rod
4 Instafire® Tinder
4 Whistles

These kits are available from Sustain Supply as well as Amazon.

I’m pretty proud of these kits. They are a great solution for those who want to be better prepared for emergencies but aren’t sure where to begin. Any commercial kit will need to be customized and tweaked to fully fit the needs of each individual and family, of course. But, these kits from Sustain Supply allow someone to have a giant step forward in putting together a great assemblage of gear and supplies that will keep them safe and alive until help arrives.

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