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Posted on: December 1, 2017

If you don’t know this guy already, please meet Newt Martin. He’s a world class knife maker, a military veteran, and for over a year now, a leukemia patient.

Last year, we raised some dough for Newt and his family through an online auction. This year, we’re going to do a raffle for the same purpose. See, here’s the thing. When you’re self-employed, there is no paid time off. There are no sick days, no paid vacations, none of that fun stuff. If you aren’t working, you aren’t earning, simple as that. Newt’s family has been stretched thin helping to take care of him and they deserve a break.

Tell you something else. Ed Martin, Hank Martin, even Newt – none of them knew we were going to do this for them. Newt paid me a kindness a few years ago when I first met him at BLADE Show. I want to return the favor and do what I can to help him and his family get through this.

We’re raffling off three blades. The first is the Martin Knives Savage, shown here.

This is a classic bushcraft style knife. It has great lines and will stand up to just about anything you want to throw at it. Here are the specs:

Overall length: 8.5″
Blade length: 4.0″
Steel: S35VN
Sheath: Leather
Weight: 6.7 oz
MSRP: $295.00

This knife was sent to me by Ed Martin to be used for a magazine article. Rather than keep it for my own use, I’m donating it to the raffle.

The second knife we’re raffling off is the Baronyx Machete, shown here.

This is a rough and tumble tool, made to last. Here are the specs:

Overall length: 23.25″
Blade length: 16″
Steel: 1075 high carbon
Sheath: Leather
Weight: 1lb 10oz
MSRP: $69.98
Learn more about the machete here. This machete was kindly donated by survival instructor Kevin Estela.

The third knife is a Bark River Adventurer II, shown here.

This is a great EDC blade. The sheath has magnets inside to retain the knife, which is really pretty cool. Here are the specs:

Overall length: 7.875″
Blade length: 3.75″
Steel: CPM20CV
Sheath: Leather
MSRP: $210.00

This knife is from my own private collection. It is in brand new condition. Seriously, it hasn’t even been used to open a package or envelope.

So, how do you enter to win one of these bad boys? Each entry is $10.00 sent via PayPal (Friends and Family option please, as this is for a charitable cause) to Jim@survivalweekly.com. Every single penny will be going directly to Newt and his family. We’re paying all shipping and other costs out of our own pockets.

With your payment, you must include a note indicate which raffle(s) you’re entering. If you want specific entry numbers, you MUST put that in the note with your PayPal payment. First come, first served. Any entries lacking such a note will be assigned entry numbers in the order received.

The deadline to enter is December 10th. If all slots are filled prior to December 10th, we’ll go ahead and draw the winners early, of course. Winners will be chosen using Random.org. The selection process will be shot on video and posted here. Winners will be notified by email and announced here as well as on Facebook.

If we do not fill all slots prior to December 10th, we will make a judgment call as to whether to go forward with the raffle. If we determine we have not had enough participants, all funds will be returned to the entrants.

If you have questions, please email me direct – Jim@survivalweekly.com.

I will fill in the slots below as payments are received.

Martin Knives Savage – 30 total entries available.

1. Alison H.
2. Benjamin L.
3. Benjamin L.
4. Kevin Estela
5. Benjamin L.
6. Truman M.
7. Doyle W.
8. Mark P.
9. Brennan W.
10. Brennan W.
11. Mark P.
12. Julia W.
13. Julia W.
14. Mark P.
15. Scooter
16. Scooter
17. James L.
18. James L.
19. Brian V.
20. Kevin Estela
21. Mark P.
22. Kelly B.
23. Brian V.
24. Brian V.
25. Mark P.
26. Christopher W.
27. Christopher W.
28. Christopher W.
29. Christopher W.
30. Christopher W.

Baronyx Machete – 15 available entries

1. Alison H.
2. Benjamin L.
3. Jerry P.
4. Doyle W.
5. Julia W.
6. Julia W.
7. Rose J.
8. Massage & Healing Arts
9. Brennan W.
10. Brennan W.
11. Massage & Healing Arts
12. Massage & Healing Arts
13. Massage & Healing Arts
14. Massage & Healing Arts
15. Brennan W.

Bark River Adventurer II – 25 available entries

1. Alison H.
2. Benjamin L.
3. Benjamin L.
4. Truman M.
5. Doyle W.
6. Julia W.
7. Julia W.
8. Dan T.
9. Brennan W.
10. Brennan W.
11. Kelly B.
12. Doyle B.
13. Rose J.
14. Rebecca S.
15. Rebecca S.
16. Massage & Healing Arts
17. Massage & Healing Arts
18. Massage & Healing Arts
19. Massage & Healing Arts
20. Massage & Healing Arts
21. Brennan W.
22. Dan T.
23. Brennan W.
24. Brennan W.
25. Brennan W.

Thank you to everyone who entered the raffles. We raised $700 for Newt and his family! As promised, here is the video of the winners being chosen.

Martin Knives Savage – Benjamin L.
Baronyx Machete – Massage & Healing Arts
Bark River Adventurer II – Brennan W.

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