2018 Hikes – Arboretum

Posted on: January 13, 2018

Those who have been around for a while already know this but for the new folks, here’s the deal. Back in late 2015, my wife and I decided that from that point and all through 2016, we would commit to going on at least one hike a week. We both enjoy hiking and being outdoors and we’d had a distinct lack of both for a while. The goal has never been a set distance or amount of time spent on the trail each week. It is just an opportunity for the two of us to spend some much needed time together doing something we enjoy.

We’re still at it today, over two years later. Currently, we’re at about 110 weeks in a row. Our shortest hike was less than a mile, our longest around 28 miles (you can read about that one here).

In the past, after each hike I would post a few photos on Facebook. This year, I decided to move that over to this blog. So, each week this year there will be a new blog post with photos and comments from our hike. I hope you enjoy sharing these hikes with us. More importantly, I hope maybe this might inspire you to get outside and enjoy nature yourself.

Our hike today was cold. The thermometer read 7°F but the wind chill was about -10°F. Because we had a few other things we needed to make sure got done today, we chose a local arboretum and nature area for our walk. All told, it took us about 45 minutes to go 1.8 miles. It was breezy in spots but much of the hike was fairly sheltered, which is one of the reasons we chose this location.

My lovely bride (and SurvivalWeekly.com webmaster) standing in a hollow tree. This tree is just massive!

As we walked close to the lake, we could hear the ice rumble as it cracked and expanded. Much of the trail was very lumpy as it had been soggy earlier last week but then quickly froze when the temps dropped.

All in all, it was a great little walk, albeit a bit nippy.

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