The Saga of 510

Posted on: July 4, 2010

by Deborah in the UP

The rain is falling along 510
The creeks are rising
and I don’t know when
I started missing you all over again.

It started with one raindrop
It started with one tear
Both came from the storm clouds
With the thunder rolling near.

You were the breath between my heartbeats
The reason for my smile
But I couldn’t make you happy
and after awhile

The rain started falling on the 510
The creeks were rising and then
I started missing you for the first time again

The clouds roll in across my mind
I thought you were good
I thought you were kind
You said you loved me and said you’d be true
So why is my bed empty, cold, and without you?

Oh, the rain is falling on 510

She tempted you once and then once more
That’s when you walked out, right out the door.
You left me empty and broke my heart
Now what I need is a brand new start, ‘cause

The rain is falling along 510
The creeks are rising
And here I am
Missing you all over again.

(note: This poem was begun the evening of the Renaissance Dinner, and completed shortly after. I’ve submitted it a CW singer I know, and he’s turning it into a song.)

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