Bug Out – The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastropic Disaster Before It’s Too Late

Posted on: July 26, 2010

Scott Williams knows from where he speaks. He has traveled throughout the world, practicing survival techniques in all terrains and environments. He knows what works and what doesn’t. In his new book, BUG OUT, Williams not only shows you what you should have on hand to make it on your own, but he explains how to plan your bug out location ahead of time.

BUG OUT is broken into two parts. Part I discusses living off the land, assembling a comprehensive bug out bag, and general information on choosing a bug out location. Chapter 1 – The Fantasy and the Reality of Living Off the Land should be required reading for anyone interested in survivalism and emergency preparedness. Moving into bug out bags, Williams shares his experience regarding what is really needed and what isn’t. From there, the discussion turns to planning for a bug out situation. How to pick a location, how to get there, and what to do once you’re there are all covered in detail.

Part II is where the book truly shines. Williams has broken the United States into eight general regions.

  • Rivers, Swamps, & Islands of the Gulf Coast
  • Island & Lowlands of the Atlantic Coast
  • The Appalachian Mountain Corridor
  • Lakes & Big Woods of the North
  • The Midwest & Heartland
  • Wilderness Strongholds of the Rocky Mountains
  • Deserts, Canyons, & Mountains of the Southwest
  • Pacific Crest Mountains & the West Coast

For each region, Williams gives an overview of the general terrain, climate, and natural resources (plant and animal life). He then goes state by state listing national forests, wilderness areas, and other public lands. The idea here is few people can easily afford to purchase several acres of wilderness land on their own, so take advantage of the land set aside for public use. Further, get out there now and become familiar with the area. Learn the skills now that you might have to rely upon down the road.

BUG OUT is rounded out with a pretty good checklist for assembling a bug out bag as well as a bibliography/recommended reading list.

This book is extremely useful to those who aren’t sure where they will go in a bug out situation as well as those who are looking for some expert guidance with putting together a comprehensive yet portable bug out bag. Those who have been around the block a few times already will still find a nugget or two worth the price of admission. You can find it here, currently priced around ten bucks.

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