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Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8 Day 2 at the Retreat 2:45 PM Unit 2 Matt sat down, exhausted, at his desk on the first floor of his townhouse unit, laying down a small microwaved pizza in front of him, a late lunch. The large leather office chair felt good, but not quite as good as his lazy boy […]

Chapter 10 – Part 2

They clung to each other in the glow of after-love. Jayme stroked Mark’s back, her sensitive hands exploring every well developed muscle, crossing over to hold him against her. Mark lifted himself on one elbow over her. His dark eyes unreadable in the failing light. His face seemed to soften the longer he gazed at […]

Chapter 10

Once back on the boat, Mark handed Jayme a life jacket, and slipped one on himself. Jayme didn’t question him. She had learned long ago to follow the lead of the best qualified, just do what you’re told, no questions asked… questions wasted precious time. She bent to pack her camera’s away, safe from the […]

Chapter 9

Jayme awoke late, her head fuzzy from the restless few hours of sleep, her eyes red and puffy from hours of crying. I should feel awful, she thought as she stood under the shower and let the water sluice over her body, and thought it odd that she didn’t. Using generous amounts of soapy creams, […]

Chapter 8 – Part 2

As Mark maneuvered his boat into the slip on Marsh Harbor later that evening, Jayme felt a wave of dizziness hit her hard as she focused on the vaguely familiar sign attached to the side of the dock. Mark noticed Jayme inhale sharply and turn her back to the docks. Her spine seemed to go […]

Chapter 8 (Part 1)

Chapter eight By 8:15 the next morning, Dr. Mark Steele was letting himself into the medical clinic on Marsh Harbor. Finding his way to the back offices where the old records were kept, he noticed a few changes had taken place. The exam rooms had been repainted, cheerier now, and some new equipment had been […]

Chapter 7 (part 3)

Working! Jayme hadn’t realized she had admitted that. Now she was truly flustered, yet, she longed to tell him the truth, but knew she couldn’t, so instead settled for in between. “I’m sort of a photographer. I take pictures when I’m on vacation and occasionally sell one or two.” She hoped he didn’t see her […]

Chapter 7 – part 2

By morning, Mark had finished capturing Jayme’s elusive face around the all too familiar eyes. He quietly put his artist tools back into the spare room of his attached residence. When Naomi arrived at 10:00am, Jayme was just starting to stir out of her deep sleep. Jayme’s eyes fluttered open, not for the first time […]

Chapter 7 – part 1

Dr. Mark Steele was normally a very patient man with his young assistant. Naomi was bright, enthusiastic, better educated than most of her people, and she knew or was related to almost everyone on half the islands, which made her an asset. When he burst out of room three in an obvious rage, Naomi was […]

Chapter 6 – Part 2

Dr. Mark Steele was still examining a very pregnant and soon to be new mother when Daniel brought Jayme into the clinic’s outer office. The young girl seated at the reception desk smiled brightly at Daniel. “Hi, Daniel. What’s the problem?” Naomi asked sweetly, eyeing Jayme. “Hi, Naomi. Is Dr. Steele in, I hope? One […]

Chapter 6

Her eyes frantically searched for the shark she thought had struck. As she twisted to the left, she was held fast. Her eyes sought out and found the cause. A fishing line! I’ve been snared by a fishing lure! Jayme struggled with the increasing pain in her arm. By ingrained response, she reached for the […]

Chapter 5 – Part 3

Horseshoe Wall. Am I really going back? Jayme wondered. She was stunned by the news Daniel had found Miguel – and so quickly! Examining her motives for the dive, now that it was imminent, it was almost as if she had hoped Miguel was gone from the islands, that without him, the dive wouldn’t mean […]

Chapter 5 – Part 2

Jayme had to promise Daniel she would be Marge’s ‘buddy’ for the dive, and he promised these would be private lessons, at the going rate of course, which Jayme gladly paid. Marge and Jim were taken through all the textbook techniques on the shore in the shade of the banyon trees. They were apt and […]

Chapter 5 – Part 1

“But, Daniel, you train people for resort dives all the time, don’t you?” Jayme was dismayed and confused at his reluctance. “Yes, but not usually people as old as these two, Jayme. It’s one thing for someone to continue diving after they’ve reached sixty and beyond, but to start at that age is another story. […]

2014 — Prelude

2014: Prelude This is a story about the end of times. There are multiple threads and stories within each of us. Each time we use our free will to make a decision, we start a chain of events which is a story. These events can be fantasized through the imagination which is a stories gateway. […]

2014 — The Way the World Ends

2014 — The Way the World Ends by Greg L. Miller Prelude Chapter 1: First Day

Chapter 4 – Part 2

Jayme’s mind began to drift. Maybe I’ll skip desert and coffee, and just review my tapes, she thought. The idea brightened than faded as she caught the end of the conversation that had continued around her. “…. and The Reef Roamer said it was a really fabulous place to visit. Boy, was she right! We’ve […]

Chapter 4

Morning came very early in the Bahamas. By 6:00am, Jayme was doing her usual morning routine of stretches and Tai Chi. She found the Tai Chi focused her, organized her thoughts, prepared her for the day; the afternoon routine when she was at home, would be a vigorous karate workout; and evening would involve a […]

Chapter 3 – Part 2

Jayme stepped out of the fuselage and onto the portable metal stairs that had been pushed up against the side of the plane. She paused, briefly closed her emerald green eyes and breathed in the hot humid air of the Caribbean, a light breeze lifting her deep brown curls away from her pale face. She […]