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Prepper’s Financial Guide – Foreword

As many of you know, my next book is titled Prepper’s Financial Guide. It will be out in February, 2015, but is available on Amazon for those who wish to preorder it. Preorders, by the way, are a great way to ensure you get the book at the absolute lowest price on Amazon. If the […]

Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury

101 is the designation we often use when referring to introductory material. It harkens back to colleges and universities, where they often classify courses by numbers. 101 is the basic level, moving up a notch is 201, and so on. Bushcraft 101 is a great introduction to what author Dave Canterbury calls “smoothing it” outdoors. […]

World Gone Wild: A Survivor’s Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Movies by David J. Moore

I’ve always considered myself fairly well-versed in the post-apocalyptic fiction arena. After all, I’ve been a huge fan of it for three decades or so. Tell you what, I know nothing about end of the world movies compared to David J. Moore. In World Gone Wild, Moore has reviewed over 800 post-apocalyptic movies, from the […]

Self Reliance Illustrated #21 (July/August 2014)

Many guys have a magazine they get regularly that, when it arrives in the mail, they devour it immediately. For some, that might be Sports Illustrated, for others Maxim. For me, it is SRI. No matter what I’m in the middle of reading, no matter how engaging the novel may be, it gets put on […]

Survivor’s Edge #1 (Fall 2014)

A new addition to the prepper/survival magazine niche has just dropped. Survivor’s Edge is published by Harris Publications, the same people who bring us New Pioneer and American Frontiersman. Both of those are favorites of mine so when I heard about Survivor’s Edge, I had very high hopes. I was not disappointed! The premier issue […]

Practical Self-Reliance by John D. McCann

Those of you who know me or are frequent fliers here or on my Facebook page know full well just how much of an avid reader I am. While I don’t limit my book consumption to strictly survival-related stuff, that has been the bulk of it for quite some time now. In spite of having […]

Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle by Creek Stewart

In his follow up to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag, Creek Stewart does to vehicles what he did to survival kits. This book is easily one of the most detailed guides to outfitting a bug out vehicle I’ve ever seen. In 220+ pages and 17 chapters, Creek outlines how you should go about choosing […]

Prepper & Shooter Magazine #2

Prepper & Shooter Magazine is a fairly new addition to the survival newsstand. Issue #2 was just published in the last few weeks. I missed the premier issue, though I did search for it after a few of my readers mentioned it to me. I found this issue at Barnes & Noble. My first impression […]

American Frontiersman – Summer 2014

I’m calling this the Summer 2014 issue, though there is no indicator on the cover or masthead as to what they are calling it. American Frontiersman magazine comes out twice a year and the last issue came out back around April. As with previous issues, there is an awful lot of great information here. All […]

Prepper and Homesteading Magazine Round Up

From time to time, I see requests from people asking for magazine suggestions, which ones are worth getting and which ones are only passable. Given the popularity of disaster readiness today, it only makes sense that there is a plethora of choices on the newsstands today. At the time of this writing, here are the […]

The Rule of Three by Eric Walters

THE RULE OF THREE is yet another addition to the glut of young adult (YA) disaster books that have flooded the market recently. That said, it stands head and shoulders above most of them. It is an engaging read with interesting characters. Adam Daley is sixteen years old and hard at work helping a friend […]

Book Bonanza Week #3 – Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure: A Prepper’s Book for Kids

Far too often the little ones become either scared and confused or left behind while adult family members lead the charge to prepare for an uncertain future. Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure: A Prepper’s Book for Kids is not only encouraging to help the children want to participate but also helps the parents and grandparents […]

Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival by Angela Paskett

Right off the bat, when I first skimmed Food Storage for Self-Sufficiency and Survival, it was obvious Angela Paskett knows her stuff. This isn’t just another retread of the same old stuff we’ve seen countless times before. The author has truly been there and done that, having worked on her own food storage plans for […]

Weekly Book Bonanza (Week 2)

The Weekly Book Bonanza being sponsored by Prepare Magazine is still running! Click the image to enter.

American Survival Guide (July 2014)

Regular readers here know by now that I’ve been continually impressed with American Survival Guide. It has rapidly become one of my favorite publications and I look forward to each new issue. My subscription won’t begin until the September issue so I snapped this one up when I saw it at the grocery store a […]

The Prepper’s Workbook by Scott B. Williams and Scott Finazzo

[Full disclosure: I contributed the Foreword for this book. That doesn’t mean the review is biased because of that. Rather, it means I was so impressed with the book I agreed to contribute to it.] Preppers come from all walks of life, all socioeconomic classes, all levels of experience. Yet, if there is one thing […]

Be Ready Magazine #2

Be Ready is a spinoff from Shotgun News. This is the second issue of this publication. The first issue came out last summer so I’m guessing the plan is for this to be an annual sort of magazine. As with most of the other magazines in this niche, the price point is $8.99. Given that […]

Ongoing Weekly Book Giveaway

My friends over at Your Preparation Station and Prepare Magazine are doing a weekly book giveaway. I’ve seen the master list of all the goodies and I’ll tell ya, they’ve lined up some truly great prizes! Each week, there will be a new book to win so keep checking back and make with the clicks […]

Self Reliance Illustrated #20 (May/June 2014)

SRI has done it once again!  With many prepper/survival magazines, there may be 15 or so articles total but only a handful that are truly of interest to any one person.  However, SRI consistently puts out issues that I’m compelled to read cover to cover. Here are some of the highlights from issue #20. The […]