UST Outdoor Skill Card Set

UST Outdoor Skill Card Set

UST is a company specializing in survival and outdoor gear. They’ve been around for a while but have recently really been making a name for themselves with providing great gear for the budget-conscious user. Make no mistake, this isn’t junk masquerading as survival gear. In my experience, they are offering pretty decent stuff at affordable prices. (more…)

Mechanix Gloves

Except perhaps for that lump of gray matter that resides between your ears, your hands are likely your most valuable natural tool. Those fingers and opposable thumbs allow you to create and use any number of things. We often take our hands for granted, though, and fail to protect them properly. While a splinter or scrape might not be a big deal while working in the backyard, any injury, no matter how small, could turn into a major issue during a bug out or other true survival situation.

Gloves are but one component of an overall Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) loadout that should be part of your Get Home Bag or Bug Out Bag. (more…)

Bug Out Personal Hygiene Kit

As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I do know that keeping at least reasonably clean is important for health and morale. Both of those are vitally important during a bug out. The cleaner you are, the less risk of infection from small cuts and scrapes. On top of that, few people enjoy the funk that comes from not washing for several days at a time. Yet, in spite of all that, hygiene supplies are rarely seen on bug out bag content lists. I’ve advocated for years that people include a few hygiene basics in their kits and was happy to see this product come out.

This small hygiene kit comes from Survival Resources. It is compact, inexpensive, and (more…)

K&R Alpin Compass

Reviewed by Robert Camp

One of the essentials of any survival kit should be some form of
navigational aid, usually a compass. During the last thirty five years of outdoor guiding, I’ve used four different compasses by three different manufacturers. The most recent being a K&R compass by Kasper and Richter of Germany, which I purchased two years ago on By far, it has been the best.

This professional grade compass is made to take abuse and keep on ticking. (more…)

Minute Men Gun Rack

Reviewed by Sean Neeld

I’m a little tired. I’ve been looking at a billion different styles of gun racks, from the novelty to the fancy. I ruled out the fancy ones because that’s just not me. The novelty selections were pretty cool, but I ruled them out because I know it would look too damn silly to mount an AR15 on something cartoonish or cheap looking.

Then I happened upon an ideal gun rack from Minute Men Gun Racks. It is a simplistic and minimalistic design that makes you slap your head and think Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?! Finding that the products are built in the USA made it an even better decision to buy one.

The design incorporates hardened steel that is bent into shape that will fit damn near any rifle or even a pistol. The steel is lined with felt so it won’t mar the delicate finish of whatever you wish to mount. It was also much heavier than anticipated.

You basically have four different options when checking out their selections. You have a pistol or rifle/shotgun rack that comes with a keyed padlock. You can also choose the pistol or rifle/shotgun rack that comes with a movement-only padlock. Both locks are from Master Lock. I like the movement-only Master Lock, but I think I may forget the “combination” in a stress situation. I decided to get the rifle/shotgun rack with the keyed padlock. I bet some of you are thinking Hey, Sean, what if you can’t find your key when you need to unlock your rifle in a heartbeat? There is a simple explanation. I would only have it locked when I left the house. No need to keep it locked while I’m home, right?

The package contains the front and rear mounts (or top & bottom, depending how you mount them), the lock of your choice, and the solid mounting hardware. As a bonus, you get a nice “Defend the 2nd” white vinyl sticker.

You need to, at a minimum, mount this rack on a surface that has a solid back stop. Meaning, if you attach it to a wall, find the stud(s) (No, not me, but thanks for asking) so you don’t have your weapon hanging on a thin piece of plywood or sheet rock. If you only have one stud lined up, attach the larger portion of the rack at that point.

Check out their website to see what they offer and watch the video that shows how you can attach it to the surface you want.

These pics from their website help illustrate how the Minute Men Gun Rack works.

Recommended? For an inexpensive $36, you should absolutely buy at least one if you want simple and minimal.

Wild Cards

Camping Survival has some really cool stuff in their product line. They are an excellent resource for just about anything you can imagine that is prepper or survival related. While surfing their site a while back, I stumbled across an item that I recommend to all who are interested in learning more about wild edibles.

Wild Cards is a deck of playing cards with a twist. Designed by author Linda Runyon, each cards gives quite a bit of information on a specific plant that could be beneficial in a survival situation.

The back of each card has a full color photo of the plant and its name, one or two line drawings of the plant, and a shaded map of North America, showing the range of where you’ll find it growing. (more…)

Figure 9 Carabiner by Nite Ize

I stumbled across this nifty little gadget a few days ago.  It is used in conjunction with rope or paracord when securing loads.  What is really cool is there are no knots to do or undo.  You simply wrap the cordage around the prongs and away you go.

The Figure 9 Carabiner is about 4.5″ long and a little over 2″ wide.  It is made from aluminum, which accounts for the light weight.  According to the manufacturer, it will support up to 150lbs.

To use, you simply attach the carabiner to a fixed object, say a tree branch.  You then loop the free end (more…)