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Sustain Supply Emergency Kits

Store-bought emergency kits can have a place in disaster planning. I look at it like this – the best kits are the ones you assemble yourself, taking into account your individual circumstances, including your experience level, skill sets, and such. However, a good quality store-bought kit can give you a jump start and get you […]

BOB Hygiene Kit cover

Bug Out Personal Hygiene Kit

As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I do know that keeping at least reasonably clean is important for health and morale. Both of those are vitally important during a bug out. The cleaner you are, the less risk of infection from small cuts […]

Echo-Sigma Kit

Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag

Of all the large survival kits I’ve come across recently, I have to say I like this one the best. It is robust and fairly complete. Echo-Sigma has been making quite the name for themselves lately, and for good reason. They are putting out high-quality kits. One of Echo-Sigma’s claims to fame, as it were, […]

REI Emergency Supplies Kit

REI Emergency Kit

REI has long been a go to resource for outdoor activities, from camping to kayaking. They recently came out with a fully equipped emergency kit, suitable for keeping at home or in your vehicle. Let’s take a look at it. The kit is contained in a basic backpack, brightly colored so it is easy to […]

SOL Pocket Pak Plus 1

SOL Pocket Survival Pak Plus

The SOL Pocket Survival Pak Plus is what we call a mini survival kit. It is a great option for those looking for a simple, yet fully loaded, survival kit suitable for tossing into a vehicle glove box or even in a cargo pocket of your pants or shorts when you’re out hiking. The SOL […]

Pocket Tin Survival Kit

Pocket Tin Survival Kit by Survival Resources

Regular readers here know I’ve long been a fan of Survival Resources. Each and every product they sell has been thoroughly vetted by owner John D. McCann. In fact, he’s designed a fair number of the things they sell, such as this Pocket Tin Survival Kit. Before I get into the actual product review, allow […]

SOL Origin

SOL Origin

The SOL Origin is the first of several survival kits we’ll be reviewing this month. The Origin came on the market a year or two ago and I’ve been wanting to play around with one since I first saw it online. The SOL Origin is what we call a mini kit. It actually is sort […]