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Air Filtration

Breathable air is probably the greatest and most common thing taken for granted. There are actually many airborne threats, or ways you can be deprived of breathable oxygen, or be exposed to toxins that can kill you, but thankfully most are unlikely. In the natural word, smoke is probably the most common, such as a […]

Survival Retreat outline

When I first started the Yahoo Group SurvivalRetreat in late March of 2004, I tried to set forth my goals in an outlined form of what I wanted to accomplish. The goal of course is survival, and in order to survive, the necessities of live must be maintained for life to continue. Thus, I started […]

Survival retreats

My introduction to the term “survival retreat” came in book 3 of the Jerry Ahren’s cold war era fictional book series The Survivalist. As a teenager in the early 1980s, it was an exciting idea and concept to me, and a very far cry from images that would come to mind for a “bunker” or […]