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Tactical Training – What it is and what it isn’t

Tactical Training – what it is and what it isn’t To be effective in a tactical engagement a person must learn and master (as well as possible) a number of skills. From the obvious ones – bringing your weapon to bear, proper sight picture, breathing and trigger control, being able to fire from a variety […]

Maintaining a low profile in urban/suburban areas

In my previous segment I talked at length about why maintaining a low profile is a key tactic in a SHTF situation. This time I’m going to expand on that a bit with a focus on trying to do so in an urban or suburban locale. In the first installment I was focused more on […]

Introduction to the Tactical Corner

I’ve spent considerable time contemplating what I should write about here. The term tactical has some obvious meanings. But to me the term suggests a wider range of sub-topics, such as the tactics for dealing with a biological threat, Pandemic Flu as an example. Over time I will address as many tactical considerations and issues […]

Expect What is Normally Unexpected

Expect What is Normally Unexpected The lesson here for the survival oriented is multi-faceted. 1) Do not get tunnel vision and figure that any attacker will come from a single place. Ie. up the driveway to the front of the house… Expect that the bad guys could be moving cross-country and literally stumble across you […]

In God We Trust…All Others, We Watch

In God We Trust… All Others, We Watch Will all morals go out the window? Probably not. However I’ll suggest that some modifications might need to be made by those who want to keep themselves and their loved ones alive. 1) Do not trust strangers, do not take them at their word, doubt everything they […]