Classes and Workshops

Coming Soon!

We’re adding online learning.  Come join us!  Many of Survival Weekly’s fans have expressed disappointment at not being able to come to one of Jim’s classes.  We hope to fix that with our online learning center, Survival Weekly University (SWU) in the near future.  Your host has many irons in the fire right now but rest assured Jim is always looking for ways to help others become prepared.  Here is what we are planning to get us all started:

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  • SWU001: Introduction to the SWU Classroom
    • Our introductory class will introduce you to our classroom setting.
    • Practice signing up, signing in, and moving about our online learning center.
    • See the types of materials and resources we’ll use in our course formats.
  • SWU101: Basic Disaster Readiness
    • Get to know Jim and his style of teaching.
    • Complete a Risk Assessment.
    • Create your own Disaster Plan.
    • By the end of this course, the student will have a firm grasp on how to prepare for common disasters and emergency situations.
    • While the class assumes the student has little to no experience with preparedness, there are plenty of topics suitable for those who have some prior knowledge.
  • SWU201rbo: Realistic Bug Out Planning
    • Based on Jim’s live classroom offering, adapted for online learning
    • One of the most common topics in the prepper and survival world is bugging out. Unfortunately, the subject is also filled with myths and half-truths, with tons of truly ridiculous information about it floating around online and elsewhere.
    • In this class, we’re going to take a practical, down to earth look at emergency evacuation. What it means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to prepare for it.
  • SWU301 Long Term Planning
    • If you enjoyed Jim’s book: Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide, you’ll enjoy the class
    • The curriculum follows the chapters in the book but expands on the topic with additional information as well as the opportunity to interact with your instructor to clarify any questions and concerns you may have on the topic.


We hope you will take advantage of all our online classes as they become available.  In the meantime drop us a line with classes you would like to see offered.