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Presentation Handouts

Jim was honored to be a guest speaker at the 2011 Survival & Preparedness Conference held Memorial Day weekend in Dallas, Texas. Several of his readers requested copies of the handouts he used during his presentations on Barter and Trade as well as Survival on a Budget.

Barter and Trade
Survival on a Budget

General information

Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel is an experienced registered nurse. She has begun a series of articles for Survival Weekly, focusing on medical topics of interest to survivalists and others interested in emergency preparedness.

Sunshine Brewer
is an expert on edible and medicinal plants. She is a respected lecturer and teacher of these and other survival skills. Shine has graciously agreed to share with our readers some of her knowledge through a series of articles. We at Survival Weekly highly recommend her book, Coast to Coast Survival Plants, found here. Shine also hosts a twice weekly chat session here where she discusses primitive survival techniques and answers questions. The chats are held on Sundays and Tuesdays, 7:00PM-9:00PM CST.

What If is a series of short articles presenting various scenarios or topics you should think about NOW, before they happen to you in real life.