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Point to Pommel is a free, blade-centric newsletter that arrives to your email inbox twice a month. In each issue, we’ll have knife reviews, by ourselves as well as by trusted industry leaders, announcements of new blades coming from a wide range of makers, informative articles, occasional contests, and interviews with the makers whose work we love.

While we will definitely cover many of the major brands we know and trust like TOPS Knives and CRKT, a primary goal of Point to Pommel is to give a voice to the lesser known makers who are out there doing tremendous work. The guys and gals working in their garages, backyard shops, and basements who don’t have an advertising budget but deserve the spotlight.

The current plan is to send out a new issue of Point to Pommel twice a month. If demand warrants and time allows, we may increase it to weekly at some point down the road.

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