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From time to time, we are given the opportunity to review products or gear of interest to survivalists and preppers. If your company is interested in having us take one of your products for a test drive, please email us – We would encourage you to also read through our brief Product Review Policies.

Please note: Survival Weekly is not reimbursed by the companies for these reviews. The reviews are not to be construed as paid advertising in any way.

Uncle Henry Rancher
Steel Will Apostate 1108
TOPS Grim Ripper
TOPS Street Scalpel
TOPS Outpost Command
SOG Snarl
Battle Horse Knives Large Workhorse
CRKT Synergist
Buck Hartsook Ultralite Knife
JTR Combat Bowie by Martin Knives
Pro Tool Chisel Utility Knife
Opinel No. 8 Folding Knife
GNS Knife by LT Wright Knives
Tex Creek knife by TOPS Knives
Condor Bushlore knife
Brothers of Bushcraft (BOB) Fieldcraft Knife by TOPS Knives
Bad Monkey Folding Knife
Gerber Mini Paraframe Knife

RedHed Garden Master Tool Kit
Survival Slingshot
Gerber Dime Multi-Tool
Figure 9 Carabiner by Nite Ize
Resqme (Rescue Me) Tool

Streamlight Super Siege Lantern
Streamlight Stylus Pro 360
Coast HX5
Nitecore P12
Streamlight ProTac HL USB
MPOWRED Luci EMRG Solar Lantern
Streamlight Siege AA Lantern
Streamlight ProTac 1AAA Flashlight
Nite Ize BugLit
UCO Micro Candle Lantern
Fenix E25
Coast HP550 Flashlight
Fenix TK15 Flashlight
Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight
Quark Tactical QT2A Tactical Flashlight by Foursevens
Maxxeon Pocket Floodlight

Water filtration and storage
Aqua Pouch Plus Water Purification Kit by Survival Resources
Aqua Vessel Tritan Filter Water Bottle

Offgrid cooking
Solo Stove
Kelly Kettle
Biolite Camp Stove
Ecozoom Versa Rocket Stove
CanCooker Jr.

Fire making
4Directions Bushcraft
Dragon Fire Tinderbox Extreme Pouch
Pocket Bellows Fire Kit
InstaFire fire starter
Exotac Matchcap
Vigilant Trails Survival Fire Kit
Living Large in the Wilds Ferro Rod and Fire Kit

SunJack Portable Solar Charger
WakaWaka Light
Biolite Camp Stove

Packs, Pouches, and Organizers
Nite Ize Pock-Its belt pouch
Monstrum Tactical MOLLE Pouch
Dual Altoids Tin Pouch (handmade)
Red Rock Outdoor Operations Duffle Bag
Hazard 4 Evac Watson Sling Pack
Grid-It Organizer

Survival Kits

Sustain Supply Emergency Kits
Echo-Sigma Get Home Bag
REI Emergency Kit
SOL Pocket Survival Pak Plus
Pocket Tin Survival Kit by Survival Resources
SOL Origin survival kit

Zubin Axe Multi-Tool Staff
K&R Alpin Compass
Brite-Strike Camp Alert Perimeter Security System
Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter
Vigilant Trails Micro Fishing Kit
ICE Cord Paracord Bracelets and Monkey Fists
Paravival Paracord Bracelet
Wild Cards
Minute Men Gun Racks

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